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Theory of Knowledge (IB)

  IB English 11

Philosophy 12

Modern European History 11


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Additional Information:  Some documents originally scanned in TIF format have been hyperlinked to pages and links connected to this web-site. They have been converted from TIF to WORD to PDF documents and are accessed via hyperlinked documents that are in WORD format. Complicated? I think so! The reason I share this is because, via the process described, these hyperlinked documents are often highly corrupted from their original form. Quite a lot of effort has been put into doing general "clean ups" of these corruptions, but no doubt there still persist some smaller errors, such as spelling, missing letters of words, font-inconsistencies, etc. Please forgive these "rough edges".








English 10 Poetry/Art Project Presentation Schedule:


Monday, March 6: Eric; Carolyn; Brenna; Ben; Noor; Kai; Abigail

Wednesday, March 8:  Zehra; Allie; Glen; Montana; Amy; Rylee; Karson

Thursday, March 9: Viggy; Jack; Riley; Darya; Alex; Vesa; Rafael

Friday, March 10: Chantal; Grace; Eli; Madi; Jayrese


Monday, March 6: Theiajh; Madison; Ben; Erick; Sabrina; Julianna;

Tuesday, March 7: Annika; Cameron; Sophie; Ethan; Callum; Jaxon; Ashlee

Thursday, March 9: Alexia; Elena; Tetyana; Isabelle; Henrik; Mindy; Jenna

Friday, March 10: Bryce; Imad; Sam; Thomas; Sunita; Sei-jin