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Grade 5
Physical Science: Forces and Simple Machines

Forces Friction Simple Machines

Forces and their Effects


observe, investigate, and describe how forces can act directly or from a distance to cause objects to move or hold them in place (303-12, 303-13)
BBC Forces In Action Game
What Forces Do!
What is Force
describe forces as contact or con-contact forces (104-7)


Force and Motion Videos
demonstrate and describe the effect of increasing and decreasing the amount of force applied to an object (303-14)

BBC Forces In Action Game

Forces Experiment

make observations in order to describe force qualitatively and quantitatively (205-5)

Forces Experiment

Mass, Weight and Gravity
estimate the force needed to lift or pull a given load in standard or nonstandard (205-6)

Can Wheels Cut Down on Friction Experiment

Teacher Lesson Plan


propose questions to investigate, identify variables to control, and plan a set of steps to identify factors that affect friction (204-1, 204-5, 204-7)
What is Friction?
Useful Friction
Testing Friction Experiment
Teacher Lesson Plan
investigate and compare the effect of friction on the movement of objects over a variety of surfaces (303-15)
Testing Friction Experiment
Teacher Lesson Plan
Braking Distance
demonstrate the use of rollers, wheels, and axles in moving objects (303-16)

Can Wheels Cut Down on Friction Experiment

Teacher Lesson Plan
describe how the understanding of the concept of friction has led to the development of products that reduce and enhance friction (106-4, 107-1)

BBC Friction Game

Simple Machines; An Introduction



use simple machines to reduce effort or increase the distance an object moves (205-2)

Simple Machines Teacher Resource
Edhead's Simple Machine Glossary
Edhead's Simple Machines Game
Jeux interactifs sur la rotation mécanique
compare the force needed to lift or move a load manually with the effort required to lift it using a simple machine (303-17)

Simple Machines

Levers and Animated Levers

identify the problem of the large amount of effort needed to lift or move heavy objects small distances, or smaller objects long distances, that arises from the study of forces

Edhead's Compound Machine Game

Rube Goldberg Website

Simple Machines: Levers

differentiate between the positions of the fulcrum, the load, and the effort force when using a lever to accomplish a particular task (303-18)

Levers and Animated Levers
design the most efficient lever to accomplish a given task (303-19)

Make a Trebuchet - NOVA online

Simple Machines: Pulleys, Systems of Machines

compare the force needed to lift a load using a pulley system with the force needed to lift it using a multiple pulley system, and predict the effect of adding another pulley on load-lifting capacity (303-20, 204-3)

Making a Pulley

Making a Double Pulley
design a system of machines to solve a task (204-7)

Rube Goldberg Website


communicate questions, ideas, and intentions, listen to others, and suggest improvements to the systems of machines designed by students in the class (207-1, 206-6)

Go Go Gadget Project
describe examples of how simple machines have improved living conditions (107-8)

Simple Machines Video
identify examples of sources such as books, software and the Internet, of machines that have been used in the past, and have developed over time (205-8, 105-5)

Simple Machines Video

Franklin Institute's Simple Machines