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Grade 3
Physical Science:
Materials and Structures

Proposing Solutions to Building Challenges

Creating Solutions to Structural Challenges

Evaluating the Structural Solution

Proposing Solutions to Building Challenges


Identify problems to be solved while creating structures (200-2)

Great Building Websites!

Junkbox WARS!

PBS Types of Bridges

Structures Around the World

Describe, evaluate, and investigate common materials, their suitability for use in building structures, and ways to join materials together (100-34, 101-11)


The Magic School Bus Under Construction

Characteristics of Materials

Strange Matter

Building a Movable Bridge


Discover Materials

Identify shapes that are part of natural and human-built structures and describe ways in which these shapes help provide strength, stability, or balance (102-16)



Building Big

Human Skeleton

Teeth and Eating

Moving and Growing

Shapes Lab

Identify materials that could be used to solve the problem posed and suggest a plan for how they will be used through oral, written, and/or illustrated responses (200-5, 203-3)

Creating Solutions to Structural Challenges

  Building with Lego - Teacher Lesson Plan
  Building with Lego - Student Worksheet

Safely use and follow safety procedures while using appropriate tools and materials to construct structures (101-10, 201-3, 201-8)


Goody Gumdrop Dome

Geodesic Domes 

Manipulate materials and respond to the ideas of others to make changes in creating structures as deemed necessary (201-2, 203-5)


Straws and Pins
  Manipulating Materials - Teacher Lesson Plan
  Manipulating Materials - Student Worksheet
  Hockey Shootout!

Evaluating the Structural Solution


Test the strength and stability of a personally built structure, identify ways to increase its strength, stability, form, and structure, and identify parts of the structure that failed (202-8, 101-9)


Straws and Pins

Leaning Tower of Pasta

Build a Super Structure

Build a Strong Arm

Evaluate simple structures to determine if they are effective and safe, if they make efficient use of materials, and if they are appropriate to the user and the environment (102-17)

  Evaluating Materials - Teacher Lesson Plan
  Evaluating Materials - Student Worksheet
  Architectural Wonders
  How Bridges Work
  Build the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  7 Wonders of the Ancient World Game (lower level)

7 Wonders of the Ancient World Game