Toolbars, Toolbar Icons and Keyboard Commands

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To activate specific toolbars click on the word 'View' at the top of your screen and slide your cursor down to 'Toolbars'.   'Standard ' and 'Formatting' should always be activated:

Frequently used toolbars include:






Frequently Used Toolbar Icons


create a new normal page (or folder, web, etc., if you click on the small drop down arrow beside the icon)

Open a file (or a web folder if you hit the small drop down arrow)

Save what you are working on.

Show the  folder list of the web site you are working on, which makes your file management a little easier.

This icon will print the file you currently have on your screen.

Preview in browser to see what your page will look like using an Internet Browser.

Undo  the last step you easy way to backtrack through your work if you change your mind or run into difficulties.

Insert a Table into your web page- click and highlight the number of rows and columns you want.

Insert a Picture onto your page.

Hyperlink the highlighted text or image

Refresh/reload the current page.

Stop an action.



This drop down arrow will allow you to see the Font before selecting it. 

Font Size may be increased or decreased with the drop down arrow.

Bold highlighted text. 

Italics highlighted text. . 

Underline highlighted text. 

Align  text- left, center, right, and justify alignment

Increase or decrease Font Size
Create a Bulleted or Numbered list

Colour  choice for text (click on drop down arrow)




Insert Rows into your table

Insert Columns into your table

Merge Cells to combine the contents of two highlighted cells.

Split Cells into further rows or columns 

Align the contents of selected cells to the top, middle or bottom of the cells. 

Distribute Rows resizes all rows to the same height. 

Distribute Columns resizes all columns to the same width.

Auto Fit a cell to its contents. 



Insert a picture from a file

Put Text on your picture

Automatically creates a Thumbnail of the selected picture  

Rotate or Flip your selected picture

Increase or decrease the amount of Contrast between the lightest and darkest colors on a selected picture

Increase or decrease the level of Brightness 

Crop a picture 

Make the background color on some images Transparent


 Commonly Used Keyboard Commands

Create a new page CTRL+N
Open a page CTRL+O
Create a hyperlink on a page CTRL+K
Print a page CTRL+P
Refresh a page


Save a page CTRL+S
Check spelling on a page F7
Look up a word in the Thesaurus SHIFT+F7
Apply bold formatting CTRL+B
Apply an underline CTRL+U
Apply italic formatting CTRL+I
Cut selected text /item to the clipboard CTRL+X
Select all text CTRL+A
Copy text or graphics CTRL+C
Create an Auto Thumbnail of a selected picture CTRL+T
Paste the clipboard contents CTRL+V
Insert bookmark CTRL+G