English Communications 12


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"The Flypaper" from the TV series "Tales of the Unexpected"

"The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty (version 1)

"The Sniper" (version 2)
Teens Now Talk (TNT) Magazine






Work Assigned:

15 June  
14 June  
13 June Information Text practice test / HUNGER GAMES essays and questions
12 June Conclusion of Print Ad analysis / HUNGER GAMES essays and questions
11 June Conclusion of THX 1138 / Print Ad Analysis continued
8 June Print Ad Quiz / THX 1138 continued from last week
7 June Persuasive Strategies used in Print Ads
6 June Advertising and "Rhetorical" Techniques (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)
5 June Phoenix Nest rehearsal in Spatz Theatre
4 June Advertisement / Media review (Echoes 12)
1 June Dystopian Film: THX 1138 (first 30 mins)
31 May HUNGER GAMES chapter nineteen
30 May HUNGER GAMES chapters seventeen, eighteen
29 May HUNGER GAMES chapters fifteen, sixteen
28 May HUNGER GAMES chapter fourteen
25 May Dystopian Film: THE MATRIX conclusion
24 May HUNGER GAMES chapter thirteen
23 May HUNGER GAMES chapter twelve
22 May HUNGER GAMES chapter eleven
18 May CHAPTER QUESTIONS DUE for chapters 1-10 / Dystopian film viewing THE MATRIX continued from last week
17 May HUNGER GAMES chapter nine and ten
16 May HUNGER GAMES chapter eight & nine
15 May HUNGER GAMES chapter seven
14 May Dystopian Essay Assignment / Five Paragraph Essay review
10 May "Harrison Bergeron" reading and discussion
9 May Field Trip: "The Hunger Games" @ Bayer's Lake / "Harrison Bergeron" short story
8 May HUNGER GAMES chapter six
7 May HUNGER GAMES chapter five
4 May Dystopian Film: THE MATRIX
3 May HUNGER GAMES chapters three and four
2 May HUNGER GAMES chapter two
1 May HUNGER GAMES chapter one continued (Focus Questions due Friday)
30 April HUNGER GAMES chapter one
27 April Hunger Games article: "Everything You Wanted to Know..." / discussion re: dystopia
25 April In-class Assignment: Comparison of Film & Short Story
24 April "Quitters Inc" conclusion (film version)
23 April Reading Workshop / Independent Novels
20 April "Quitters Inc" intro (film version)
19 April "Cliffhanger" section from Stephen King's "CAT'S EYE"
18 April Worksheets for article and short story (see below)
17 April "Where the Bodies are Buried" Titanic Article reading / discussion
16 April "Quitter's Inc." reading complete / discussion
13 April "Quitter's Inc." ctd.
12 April Individual Student Reports / work review / "Quitter's Inc." ctd
11 April Discussion re: Stephen King / short story "Quitter's Inc." introduction
10 April Review of Last Week's assignments / 5W bonus for those already finished
5 April "Teens and Smoking Tobacco" non-fiction essay / class discussion
4 April "The Appalachian Trail" short story and questions
3 April "Fingers" short story and questions
2 April "Laurel and Hardy" Non-Fiction reading and vocabulary
30 March Sentences and Sentence Fragments review / worksheet (hand in)
29 March Reading Workshop / Viewing Quiz for "Michael Collins"
28 March Review of Film / Class Discussion 
27 March "Michael Collins" part four / Overdue Work
26 March Individual Student Reports / "Michael Collins" part three
23 March Viewing "Michael Collins" part two
22 March Reading Workshop
21 March Reading Workshop "Book-Talks" / class discussion
20 March Reading Journal Reflections (half-page) / viewing "Michael Collins" part one
19 March Viewing Guide prep for "Michael Collins" / Poetry Booklets
9 March "Irish History" reading comprehension / viewing intro to "Michael Collins"
8 March "Teens Learn Power of the Written Word" - Article and Reading Comprehension Quiz & Poetry Booklets
7 March "Letter from the Editor" and "Hate Is..." introductory poetry assignment
6 March Article Summary continued w/ discussion of Electronic Devices (Who's in Control)
5 March QUIZ / Teens Now Talk article summary assignment
2 March Reading Workshop / "Riding the Bus at Night" review for Quiz on Monday
1 March CITADEL SPIRIT - JV Girls Basketball Game!!!
29 February Review of Sentence Fragments, Run-On Sentences, Homonyms
28 February Reading Workshop / Study Period
27 February "Riding the Bus at Night" completed (hand in) / Independent Novel Study worksheet (1 of 4) due this week
24 February ALL FEBRUARY ASSIGNMENTS DUE - Sentence Fragments and Run-On Sentences
23 February Video: comparison of two student projects re: "The Sniper"
22 February Story: "The Sniper" - vocabulary & question sheets (hand in)
21 February working on film guides, previous assignments
20 February "The Flypaper" - film viewing guides to complete (hand in)
17 February PD Day - No Classes
16 February Video: "The Flypaper" continued from Monday
15 February Terms and Vocabulary sheet for "The Sniper"
14 February Story: "All Summer in a Day" - vocabulary & question sheets (hand in)
13 February Film Viewing Guides - preview and "The Flypaper" intro (from the TV series "Tales of the Unexpected")
10 February ECM class routines - PPT & group discussion
9 February Cliffhangers continued
8 February Cliffhangers and Close Calls - autobiographical writing assignment
7 February "Crossing" continued
6 February "Crossing Spider Creek" (reading assessment)
3 February Student Questionnaires and Reading Workshop
2 February Introduction and Course Outlines