Novel Study Assignments

Novel Assignments : You will do 2 assignments - one group and one individual

Group assignments : Choose ONE :

  1. Role-play an important scene from the novel. Depict it fully so that understandings of the aspects of the novel are evident. Create a script; make sure you have costumes, backdrops, etc.


   2.  Create a colourful and thorough Board Game. Make sure to include characters, setting, plot, conflict etc in your ideas for the game. You will be assessed on the close association to the novel as well as the creative and visual aspects of the board.

   3. You are to create an awareness campaign on powerpoint for an important issue presented in the novel. As the campaign team, it is your job to increase community awareness about this issue and suggest a solution / answer to the problem. You will include the following in your campaign:
bulletValuable information and statistics gathered from research
bulletAt least three strategies for ways to increase awareness about the issue
bulletAt least one valuable solution / answer to the problem.
bulletCreate a case study for the campaign using the characters , setting and incidents from the story as your connection to the novel.
bulletYou must have a brochure, flyer, or newsletter to go along with your campaign.

    4. You will present a mock trial for this assessment of the aspects of the novel. It will include the   following:
bulletShow full knowledge of the plot, setting, and characters of the novel
bulletHave a script of the trial and not read the parts but show that you have practiced and have full understanding of the novel.
bulletWear a costume that represents your character’s role in the novel and trial
bulletRemain “in character” for the duration of the trial
bulletAudience will listen to the testimony given during the trial
bulletAudience will draw conclusions / reach a verdict based on the information presented in the trial so you must have a way for the audience to present their verdict.


Individual Assignments: Choose one .

1. Create a new and original jacket cover for your novel as though it was being released as a hard cover book.  Be sure to have original art work ( computer generated or hand drawn) a short summary to help the reader decide whether they wish to read the book, recommendations from editors or other readers, and note about the author.  

2. Create a collage that depicts all of the elements of the novel you have read. Be sure to fill the  half sheet of bristol board with images ,words etc.   NO WHITE SPACE. You can cut out pictures from magazines or create your own visual images .

3. Make a test for your novel and include the following  (An answer sheet for all questions must be included).  The following are the minimum requirements:


5  multiple-choice questions (make a statement and have choices)


10 true/false or matching questions 


 (true / false must be statement form using only facts from the novel


 1 essay-type questions (asking opinions etc.)

4. You will create an original advertisement for the novel. It may  be either a print format that might be seen in a newspaper or magazine or in the format of a television commercial/ promotion. It is expected to help persuade people who have not read the novel to buy it. You will include the following:( 1/2 sheet of bristol board)
bulletA minimum of 5 reasons to read the novel
bulletThe author’s name
bulletQuotes from imaginary or real critics
bulletQuotes from imaginary or real people who have read the novel
bulletA brief but interesting summary of the novel
bulletAwards the author has earned for writing this novel
bulletAn effective use of persuasive techniques