Dramatic Purpose or Significance   


Definition: A term which is applied to the use that a scene or a speech (or part of a speech) may have in fulfilling a specific objective.

A specific scene or speech in the play may be said to have a dramatic purpose of significance if it achieves one or more of the following:





§      Establish setting

§      Characterization of a main character

§      Character relationships

§      Providing explanation of a situation

§      Providing background information

§      Advancing the plot

§      Complicating the plot

§      Revelation or development of theme

§      Use of motifs to strengthen a theme

§      Humour or light entertainment

§      Relief from tension

§      Creating tension or suspense

§      Illustrate a conflict

§      Establish atmosphere and/or mood

§      Illustrate/employ literary device (irony/foreshadowing, allusion, ect…)

§      Nemesis (retribution)

§      Create pathos


Your task:


Select 3 (different) Dramatic Significance Purposes from the list above. Find 3 quotes from Book 3 that you can justify represent each of your selected purposes. In a paragraph:





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