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  • Travelling anywhere from Nova Scotia in the middle of winter is a challenge, particularly when travelling so far away.  Time was of the essence and in addition to our departure being delayed by a day, we had to take a day off without pay in order to attend the full conference.
  • The huge nose dive that the Canadian dollar took in relation to the American dollar between submitting my application and incurring costs, also wreaked havoc on my pocket book.
  • Although I left for the conference prepared and confident to present, I quickly realized that although my session was innovative and progressive in Nova Scotia, it was not nearly as progressive or innovative on an international scene.
  • The conference in San Diego allowed me the opportunity to network with other educators who are further along in their integration of technology and have already overcome obstacles and faced the challenges that impede my instruction and create roadblocks in student learning.
  • Having the opportunity to work along side and learn with other educators who are doing what I’m doing, allowed me to look at my own practice with a different lens.
  • Having the opportunity to present to my own colleagues at the HRSB Innovation in Teaching Day forced me to consolidate my learning and put it into a format that could be easily shared and used by others.  I think this is so important!  Without that requirement, it would have been so easy to limit the benefits to the walls of my classroom.
  • Having quick access to APPS that were recommended to me during sessions was really helpful — best practices on how teachers can access free or recommended apps within HRSB would be really helpful.