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By Hilary Shea & Ben Hoeg

 Grade 6 Tulloch is hosting a fundraiser in support of the Philippines after the recent typhoon Haiyan  (Yolanda). The devastating typhoon has left lots of damage in the Philippines. It is the most powerful storm to ever hit land. The typhoon started its destruction on November 8th, 2013 and swept through the six central Philippine islands. Winds were going at 235 km per hour with gusts of 275 km per hour. Waves were as high as 15 meters tall and as much as 400 mm of rain fell. 28 national medical teams have been sent to the Philippines to help. Other helpers have consisted of search and rescue teams, members of the media and pilots flying cargo planes and helicopters. Many countries have donated millions of dollars to help provide items such as clean water, food and clothing. The numbers of citizens affected is still not good. 12 million lives are at risk. 4 million children are in danger. 3 976 people have been confirmed dead. 1 598 people are missing and 18 175 people are injured. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced because of damage to their homes. The main islands affected were all poorer areas of the Philippines. This is not just a little storm, this storm has affected many lives and has caused millions of dollars of damage.


6 Tulloch is doing something very unique to help support the people of the Philippines. Andrea Ludovice a student in Six Tulloch originally from the Philippines who wanted to do something special to help the people of her home country. She asked two of her friends Stephanie Wooden and Sydney Khan to help her with her plan. They decided to make Philippine buttons to sell to the students of Bedford South School. All buttons are $2 and the funds are going to the Red Cross Organization in support of the Philippines. CTV news has heard about what they are doing and are coming to do an interview sometime this week. We know that every penny counts to help rebuild the country and we are just trying to make a difference.