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3,2,1 blast off! The grade six’s of B.S.S are blasting off to new learning experiences about astronauts.  We did an experiment to experience what it is like to be in a spacesuit.  One lucky person from each of the 3 grade six classes got to try on our super awesome spacesuits.  Milk cartons, oven mitts, rain boots, socks and a motorcycle helmet made up each spacesuit. They had to a variety of challenges first without the spacesuit than with the spacesuit. Some of the challenges we’re to remove items out of a school bag, take a CD out of it’s case and put it in another case, pour dried bean or beads into a Ziploc bag etc.  Some of the challenges were harder than others, but we still had a lot of fun doing it.



BY: Andrea .L, Megan .D and Stephanie .W