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Bridget Leslie


Just imagine…

Think of how much you wouldn’t know if you couldn’t read!  Teaches help kids learn to read and to find ‘Just Right’ books so they understand what they are reading.  Teachers and the school librarian help us find books we are looking for and recommend books for our reading level and interest.This gives kids an opportunity to read what they enjoy.

Reading improves your memory and also improves your focus and concentration.  Reading will make you smarter and even improves your writing skills.  When kids can read, they learn easier and faster.  So how do books help kids learn at school?  Books provide educational information for students.  If a child is doing a project at school, they can go to our library and check out books on the topic.

Bedford South has our own school library, and students of all grades get one day a week where they can visit the school library and take out books to bring home to read.  This is especially important for the many students at our school who do not speak English at home.  Our school is very grateful for our library, librarian, and the many books which will be donated by Indigo. .  The books at our school help make our students smarter!

Help support the Indigo ‘Adopt a School’ program where you can help our school win $10 000 in books for our library.  To adopt our school.