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Web 2.0 Tools/Apps

Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the current point in the evolution of the web and the tools and services that are now possible.  Some people feel this is a misnomer since the web is a constantly evolving entity rather than a series of releases.  Perhaps you feel more comfortable with the term “new internet usage” or “current web tools” instead of Web 2.0.

Regardless of what you call it, there are many wonderful and useful applications (apps) on the web.  Teachers see these as having great potential for the classroom.  Unfortunately, due to Nova Scotia’s provincial legislation (more details here) we are very limited in the web applications we can use in this province.  The list below is as accurate as possible, but things change all the time and we may not be able to keep up.  Keep in mind, if you have to create an account, log in, or provide your email address, then you can NOT use a web 2.0 site for school or work purposes.  Some of these sites will urge you to create an account although it’s not required to use the service. In some cases we’ve provided the link because even the Limited/Lite/Free service is useful, but remember not to create an account or log in for the more advanced features.

We’re constantly looking for web 2.0 tools that can be used in our classrooms.  We’ll add to the following list as we find them.

We also invite you to submit useful web 2.0 tools using the comment feature below.

Tool or ServiceCategoryComments
ABCYa.comWord CloudGREAT word cloud generator for kids. Bright colours, easy to use and allows you to save as a jpeg. Doesn't work on iPad/iPod/iPhone.
AnswergardenBrainstorm/Poll/Quick Response
BitlyURL ShortenerShorten URLs for use in communication, Twitter, etc.
BrainPOP (English)
BrainPOP (French)
Online SimulationsThe English version is by subscription (except the FREE STUFF link), but the French version seems to continue to be free.
Bubbl UsBrainstormLike Inspiration, but very quick and simple. Can print, but cannot save, without account.
ChatzyBackchannel DiscussionLike TodaysMeet but with more options.
Common CraftInstructional VideosShort videos explaining concepts in basic terms
CoSketchVirtual Whiteboard CollaborationThis is a virtual whiteboard. It allows users to share and collaborate. Requires no login. Generates a unique URL that can be shared with collaborators. The whiteboard is deleted 10 minutes after the last collaborator exits.
Croak ItAudio ToolRecord voice and share via URL. Also easily alter pitch and tempo.
Down for everyone?Site CheckerEver wonder if a site is down... or is it just your connection? This tool will let you know. TimerOnline Timer
EdHeadsScience Activities and Simulations
ePearlPortfolioExcellent Online Portfolio. Contact your Technology Integration Leader for information about getting ePearl set up for you and your class.
Fake Movie PosterPhoto EditorThis site allows you to create a fake movie poster. You can add your photo and text. No sign in required; does not allow you to save directly but gives you a unique URL or you could screen capture your poster.
FlistiPollQuick and easy
Fluid SurveysVote/SurveyOnline Survey Software (Canadian, so conforms with PIIDPA)
FurlyURL ShortenerShorten groups or lists of URLs into one simple URL
GeoguessrGeography/Social Studies ResourceGreat site for students to explore natural surroundings/landscapes from around the world and guess where they are located based on clues in the image. Based on Google street view.
GeosettrGeographyThis companion site to Geoguessr (above) allows you to create your own Geoguessr game
Goo.glQR Code GeneratorCreate QR Codes for classroom use
I Fake TextTexting SimulatorCreate fake text messages. Useful for discussing literacy, digital citizenship, etc.
IpiccyPhoto EditorNo need to create an account or log in though this will be offered.
is.gdURL Shortener and QR Code GeneratorURL shortener which allows you to pick your url and also generates it as a QR code
KulerVisual ArtsVERY cool site that allows users to create colour schemes. Can base a colour scheme on a photo or a base colour. No need for an account as long as you don't save your scheme.
Kwiq PollPoll GeneratorQuick and easy poll question generator. Creates a url for the poll but only allows 1 question at a time. Quick and easy.
LinkyyURL Shortener
Make Beliefs ComixAnimation/ComicsNo account needed to print. Have to supply email to have your comic strip emailed to you. The site does include some ads.
MarkupMarkupAllows you to markup other websites on your screen. Requires no login or account to use it as long as you don't use the option to "share".
Meeting WordsText Collaboration
MentimeterSurvey/VoteQuick, simple online vote to get feedback from students
My Online Egg TimerOnline TimerSimple; can use several timers simultaneously
Online Barcode ReaderQR and Barcode Reader
Online StopwatchOnline TimerContains ads
PadletCollaborative "Wall"Previously Wallwisher
PhotovisiPhoto EditorWith this site you can add many photos to create a collage or other types of posters. There are various templates to choose from and several text options. No login required; you can save your poster with a small watermark in the bottom corner.
PhraseItPhoto EditorAdd speech bubbles to any picture. Once complete you can save it as a jpg, no login required.
Pirate PadText CollaborationLike Primary Pad, but a few more features. No need for account to use the Beta version. Remind students not to include personally identifying information in the online version of their writing.
PixlrPhoto EditorOnline, powerful photo editor
Primary PadText CollaborationWord processor for real-time collaboration. Temporary "pad" can be used for up to 30 days with no login or account creation. Students need to be reminded NOT to include personally identifying information on the Primary Pad version of their writing.
Qik PadText Collaboration
QR StuffQR Code Resource
QR VoiceQR Code GeneratorType or speak then generate a QR code that results in a spoken message!
Quick Picture ToolsPhoto EditorA free service that offers twelve tools for editing and enhancing your pictures. Some of the things that you can do with Quick Picture Tools include cropping images, combining images, adding text to images, and creating calendar wall paper for your computer. No account or login needed. When complete, generate image and save to your computer.
Record MP3Audio ToolCreate an MP3 file that you can save. Also create a URL for the MP3. No login or account required.
ScreenleapScreen ShareShare computer screen to other computers/devices
Screencast-O-MaticScreen Capture
ScreenrScreen CaptureCreate screencasts
ScrumblrText CollaborationA whiteboard with index cards
SplashUpPhoto EditorNo need to create an account to edit from computer and save back to computer
StoodleText and Audio CollaborationA virtual whiteboard for real time collaboration. Also allows collaborattion through voice
Sync InText Collaboration
TagCrowdWord CloudLike Wordle, however Wordle doesn't work on iPads, TagCloud will. Allows you to save as PDF.
TagzedoWord CloudLike Wordle, but allows word clouds to be generated in shapes. Does not work on iPads/iPods/iPhones
Text 2 Mind MapBrainstormQuick and easy brainstorming site. Can download without an account or can save with an email address
TextivateText ManipulationCreate a variety of text exercises with blocks of text
Titan PadText Collaboration
TodaysMeetBackchannel DiscussionThis tool allows you to define an area where students can discuss a lesson or activity as it's going on.
TwiddlaVirtual Whiteboard CollaborationAnother whiteboard for simultaneous collaborations and meetings.
VocarooAudio ToolCreate a podcast online which generates a url or option to save as MP3
Word It OutWord CloudLike Wordle, however Wordle doesn't work on iPads, Word It Out will
WordleWord CloudDoes not work on iPads/iPods/iPhones
YarpSurveyVery basic and easy yes/no survey tool

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