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Useful Apps

The following is a list of apps you might find useful for your classroom.  We’ve attempted to keep the list concise, while still providing information that will help you make an initial decision to either further explore the app in question or not.  The list can be sorted and searched.

The Department of Education has created a form (English and French) to assist teachers in evaluating the effectiveness and appropriateness of apps.  You’re encouraged to use this form to lead you through the process of evaluating apps you find.  The Department of Education suggests that you upload the completed form to Share.Ednet so that other teachers might benefit.

We’re constantly looking for apps that can be used in our classrooms.  We’ll add to the following list as we find them.

We also invite you to submit useful apps using the comment feature below.

App NamePlatformPriceSubject AreaLevel
MathTappers: MultiplesFreeMathElem
MathTappers: Find SumsFreeMathElem
MathTappers: ClockmasterFreeMathElem
MathTappers: Fraction EstimationFreeMathElem
MathTappers: NumberlineFreeMathElem
MathTappers: EquivalentsFreeMathElem
MathTappers: Carbon ChoicesFreeMath
Social Studies
Jr High
Sr High
AjaXxplorer - works with other apps (not all) to give access to DoE's cloud storage - so, you can save from iPad to your storage spaceiPad$0.99AnyAny

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