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Personal Devices

In this section we intend to bring you ideas and resources for using personal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) in your classrooms.  We’ll be providing a list of some apps (iPad, iPod, iPhone) that we think are useful to you and we’re looking for your input to help populate that list.  You can submit your suggestions (or warnings) on this form.


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Useful Apps

The following is a list of apps you might find useful for your classroom.  We’ve attempted to keep the list concise, while still providing information that will help you make an initial decision to either further explore the app in question or not.  The list can be sorted and searched. The Department of Education has …

Using iPads in Schools and Classrooms – Introduction

Updated: iPads are becoming more popular in our schools.  They have been used by Assistive  Technology (AT) for some time to address special needs of individual students, but many schools and teachers are seeing value in using iPads as a teacher-tool and/or with all students in any class.  iPads may be one of many pieces of technology that …