Using Moodle

Moodle is a course management suite of tools.

Note: If you need a way to communicate with parents and the larger school community, you need a teacher website, not Moodle.  More information on teacher websites is available.

Many HRSB teachers are using Moodle as an extension of their classroom. Moodle is a closed environment where you can provide class materials to your students.  You can also administer assignments and discussion forums as well as many other functions available within the Moodle environment.  Contact your Technology Integration Leader for more information on Moodle or to have a Moodle space crated for you.

Support:  Moodle 2.4

Quick Links:   Moodle 2.4

Moodle Information:

  • Teachers can log in to the new Moodle server with their @hrsb full email address and appropriate password
  • Students can log in to the new Moodle server with their @nspes username (only) and appropriate password.
  • EECD has provided some excellent video tutorials to assist teachers with developing their Moodle
  • This page will explain how to set enrolment keys.


As well, you’ll find some great support at the following two links:


Of course, if you need additional answers or assistance contact your Technology Integration Leader.

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Moodle 2.4: How do I get my students into my course?

There are two ways to get your students into your course. The first is the easiest for you – the teacher: Student uses enrollment key When you (the teacher) are editing your course, go to Users, and Enrolment methods. You’ll see Self enrolment (Student) – if it’s greyed out, then click on the eye icon …

Moodle Request Form

If you are at this page you likely want to use Moodle as a blended learning platform and an extension of your classroom.  If that’s not your intention, then you should contact your Technology Integration Leader to discuss your needs. Before requesting a Moodle be created you need to log in to the Moodle server at …