How can Technology Integration support you?

A number of delivery models and topics are listed below. These lists are meant as guides and should not be seen as limiting. If you have an idea, please contact your  Technology Integration Leader to discuss it.

We can provide professional learning experiences in a variety of delivery models including:

  • Before or after school sessions
  • Lunch-and-learn
  • Small group
  • One-on-one
  • Large group
  • In-class mentoring and team-teaching
  • Staff meeting presentations


Some of the topics we can address are:

  • Moodle as a multifunctional, collaborative tool, or as an extension of the classroom for curriculum delivery and student engagement and collaboration
  • SmartBoard and/or Mimio use and technology
  • Current web-based digital tools (often referred to as Web 2.0) that can be safely used by teachers with their students
  • Department of Education’s EduPortal and its resources
  • Discovery Education’s features and content (overview and/or teacher familiarization)
  • Alignment and understanding of ICT outcomes
  • Provincial PIIDPA legislation and how it impacts teachers’ use of web-based tools
  • Specific software and ideas for integrating it during lesson planning and delivery
  • Design lessons that integrate digital technology
  • Internet-based curricular resources
  • EdNet email and for students and staff
  • “Cloud” file storage options provided by EdNet
  • EBSCO, including “Canadian Points of View” and other components
  • Sources of music and images that can be used by students and teachers
  • Copyright and plagiarism as they apply to use of digital images, music and information
  • Resources available in NSVS Moodles


Technology Integration is not…

We often gets calls and requests that we need to redirect.  The following might help you determine if you need to talk to a Technology Integration Leader or someone else:

For: Contact:
  • Questions regarding your @HRSB email account, including retrieving/resetting passwords
  • Software installation
  • Problems with your computer
  • Problems with the school network
  • Problems with the internet connection
  • Hardware problems (e.g. Printers, scanners, etc.)
Technology Support via the Helpdesk (464-4357) or the online Helpdesk
  • Hardware purchases
  • Software purchases
When considering hardware or software purchases using any school based funds, it is important to discuss such purchases Ron Kent, Manager School Technology
  • Assistance with Assistive Technology hardware and/or software (i.e., Kurzweil, Solo)
The Assistive Technology Specialist assigned to your school
  • Questions or assistance regarding PowerSchool
The SIS Team

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