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Teacher and Student Email

Revised: February 18, 2015


Students use the NSPES email system or, as they make the transition, the GNSPES (Google) system provided for their use.

Student accounts exist for all students.  Students are only required to activate their email account through a self-serve system found here.  Students will need their birthdate and Student ID number (300 #) to activate their account.

Teachers & Staff

The old @staff email system for teachers will be shut down at some point in the future.  All HRSB staff have @hrsb email so the old @staff email system is now redundant for them.

Note regarding @hrsb email accounts:  For ALL assistance with @hrsb email accounts, please contact the HRSB Helpdesk at 464-4357.

Other Information

Note:  At no time will anyone from the School Board OR the Department of Education ever email you and ask you to supply your username and/or password.  If you get an email request for that information disregard it.  Ensure your students are aware of this as well.

For more information on using your credentials (students, teachers & staff) to log in to various services and tools, check here.

For information on accessing your Google Apps for Education account check here.

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