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Teacher Websites

Revised: September 4, 2014

So… you’re a teacher and you have or want to have a website.  Great!!  All HRSB teachers can have a website.  Teacher websites are an easy communication tool between you and the greater school community (primarily, parents).

Regardless of the platform used for websites, teachers must remain aware of Board and School policies, as well as federal and provincial legislation surrounding privacy and copyright. School administrators are aware of these policies and can advise teachers who have questions on these matters.

There are a few options for teacher websites:

Create a website using Google Sites

All teachers have access to a Google for Education account which includes Google Sites.  Teachers can create a site with Google Sites that easily integrates resources from their Google Drive.  More information about using Google Sites is available on the HRSB Google Resources site.

Create a website using Weebly (

Weebly is a very easy, “drag and drop” style of construction that will create a very nice looking site with all the features required by most teachers! You may find the video How to Create a Website With Weebly,  from Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne, to be useful!

Use the teacher website platform provided by EECD.

To do that, you first go to  DoE’s EduPortal (which is a rich source of information and tools including the website platform – more info about the EduPortal is available here) and follow the instructions to create your own identity in the portal (you’ll need your 400 number to get started). A webinar to support teachers  developing their websites  is available at the DoE’s LRTS Professional Learning Digital Video Library (Look for “Goodbye FrontPage – Hello Drupal”).  A document is also available for download here.

If you had an email address you may have had a website that you edited with FrontPage.

If so, it exists at, where YOUR_USERNAME is your @staff.ednet email username. You can continue to edit and maintain that site with FrontPage, however you’ll find that as computers are upgraded and replaced FrontPage may not work very well if the computer has a Windows 7 operating system – or, FrontPage may not be on the computer at all.  In either case, you can continue to edit and maintain your site with Share Point Designer 2007 which is either on the computer or can be put on by your school’s technician. There is a video tutorial to help you get started with SharePoint Designer 2007.  Once you get started, its virtually the same as FrontPage.

Note: If you are looking for a way to deliver class/course materials, provide safe discussion forums for your students, allow your students to easily submit assignments, and other class/course management functions you might be interested in using Moodle or Google Classroom as an extension of your classroom.

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