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Discovery Education STREAMING contains an always growing library of over 5,600 videos, 45,500 content specific clips and more than 100,000 multimedia assets that integrate into any curriculum.  Much of the content is aligned to the NS curriculum and the Canadian package available to our schools includes many Canada-specific topics and resources for P-12 Canadian classrooms.

Some of the features of Discovery Education STREAMING include tools for differentiated instruction, Writing Prompt Generator, quiz and assignment builders, student center, teacher center, and the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).

Teachers have noted many benefits to using Discovery Education STREAMING in their classrooms, including:

    • being able to select just the right resources (including video content) that is correlated with provincial curriculum outcomes,
    • quickly identifying and locating relevant content for lessons and outcomes utilizing enhanced search tools, the Curriculum Standards Search, Thematic Focus pages and the Monthly Calendar (which includes an event related to Canada each day)
    • addressing multiple learning styles with content that can be delivered in a variety of formats (rint, auditory, visual and interactive).
    • online support and ongoing PD through the DEN and frequent webinars (free!) that address a wide range of topics

The Technology Integration Lead Team (TILT) will be working with Discovery Education to schedule webinars and other PD that will support teachers in navigating the site and integrating video streaming and many other components into their curriculum.

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