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Moodle Request Form

If you are at this page you likely want to use Moodle as a blended learning platform and an extension of your classroom.  If that’s not your intention, then you should contact your Technology Integration Leader to discuss your needs.

Before requesting a Moodle be created you need to log in to the Moodle server at least once.  To do so:

Once you’ve done that, you can complete the form below and submit.

After you submit the form you’ll get an email with information about logging in to Moodle, setting your Moodle so it can be seen by students, setting an enrollment key and getting your students enrolled.  This will be useful after you get your Moodle developed but it does NOT mean that you’re Moodle is ready.

When you’re Moodle has been created you’ll receive another email to indicate it’s ready for you to start developing.

Moodles have a short name and a long name. For example a Moodle being used by Mr Smith for his grade 7 Science class at Main Street Junior High will be named as follows:

Long: Main Street JH Science 7 Smith
Short: HRSB-MSJH-SCI7-Smith

For that reason, we need you to provide the details below, accurately and cmpletely.

One Moodle request per form.

All fields (with the exception of “Further Information“) are required.

About You...

Enter your name carefully.

First Name:
Last Name:

Ensure your @hrsb email address is complete and accurate. Include or


About Your School...

Your Moodle will be located in the Elementary, Junior High or Senior High listing under HRSB / Blended Learning on Moodle. This will depend on the Level you indicate below. For example, a Moodle for a grade 8 course at Duncan MacMillan High should be in Junior High.

Level: ElementaryJunior HighHigh School

Select your school from the list.


Provide the correct abbreviation in UPPERCASE (Ex. Rocky Lake Junior High = RLJH)

School Abbreviation:

About the Moodle...

Provide the correct name for your course (Ex. Global Geography or Science). Elementary should use single word Grade

Course Name:

Provide the correct abbreviation for your course in UPPERCASE (Ex. GGS or SCI. Elementary should use GR

Course Code:

Select the grade for the course.


Further Information ...

I have successfully logged in to Moodle at the URL found near the top of this page.

Provide any additional information or comments here.

Finally... we need to ensure you're a real human and not a pesky net-bot, so please type the characters you see below in the field provided and then SEND.


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