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3. Storage, Management & Use

Once you receive your iPads you’ll need to determine storage, management and use policies or guidelines.  Some things to consider:

  • Where will the iPads be stored?  Is there an electrical outlet located conveniently to so the cart can be plugged in to charge the iPads?  Will they be safe/secure in this location?
  • Who will be responsible to ensure they have been returned and plugged in at the end of each day?  Is that person always available at the end of the day?  Will that person have easy access to the area they iPads will be stored?
  • How will iPads be managed? Will they be signed out? Booked ahead of time?  Will teachers be able to take some of the iPads from the cart or will they need to take the entire cart? Will teachers be able to take an iPad home?
  • Will cases be purchased for iPads?  What about screen protectors?
  • How will students handle the iPads?  Will they use them individually or in groups?  How will they be instructed to carry and care for them? Will they be expected to practice “clean hands use” only?  Will they “polish” the screen at the end of each use?
  • How will students be made aware of policies regarding the use of iPads?  Will students be told not to change various settings?  How will this be monitored?

“iPad Cart” Guides

The Power Sync Cart for iPad that usually accompanies iPads for our schools is made by Bretford and sometimes does not include a user manual or guide.  Those documents are provided here for those who have these carts:

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