Feb 17

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education has been approved for use by teachers and students in Nova Scotia’s Public Education System. For information about accessing your Google Apps for Education account see our HRSB GAfE Resource site.  For support, please contact your Technology Integration Specialist.

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Sep 04

Teacher Website Update

See the Teacher Websites page for updates!

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Sep 04

Moodle Reminder

Revised: September 4, 2014 As we start the new school year remember that there is only ONE Moodle server.  The login for all HRSB Moodles as well as EECD’s Professional Communities of Practice is available at http://nsvs.ednet.ns.ca/ then, select In Class Online. (For Online Learning students, select NSVS High School Courses). Moodle login for teachers: Username: …

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Feb 28

iPad Tip: Finding Apps


With over a million apps in the App Store, it’s sometimes a little difficult to browse around and find just the right app for your situation. The suggestions below are intended to make that search a bit easier, but there is no simple answer to “how can I find the best apps?” AppsGoneFree – this …

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Feb 26

iPad Tip: Guided Accesss


Have you ever wished you could let a student use an iPad in a certain App and not have to worry about the student wandering, being distracted, and getting off task in the plethora of wonder that may be available on your iPad…??  Well, wonder no longer!  Here’s the answer! Click the Settings button Within …

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Feb 26

iPad Tip: Set Restrictions


You have your iPad set up the way you want it and you don’t want anyone to mess with that.  You also don’t want apps downloaded that you haven’t authorized.  These are common, basic desires of folks who use iPads.  But how can you achieve this without keeping your iPad locked up!?   Here’s the …

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Jan 15

Better search for Google images


Google has recently changed it’s Google Images page to make it easier to find images that are “labelled for reuse” or “labelled for reuse with modification.”  You’ll see below that once you land on the Google Images page you can click on Search Tools and then on Usage Rights which gives you the ability to …

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Jan 07

OurCloud Video Tutorials


EECD has completed 5 short video tutorials for OurCloud use (in English and French). OurCloud Overview OurCloud Create Folders, Upload Files and Difference between Folders OurCloud Sharing Features OurCloud Sync Clients OurCloud WebDav App You can access the video tutorials from the launch page of OurCloud https://ourcloud.nspes.ca or en Français https://nuage.ednet.ns.ca when you click on …

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