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  • In Skilled Trades 10, students will learn about the tremendous impact that the skilled trades have on society, discover tangible and intangible benefits of a skilled trades lifestyle, and experience the wonderful rewards that come from working with both their hands and their minds.
  • Throughout this course, students will learn about production and manufacturing techniques. We will study production in the real world and learn to design and create our own projects in the Wood Lab using machines, hand tools and various materials. We will learn to create and plan using computers and build projects using joinery and finishing techniques.
  • In Computer Programming 12, students will learn everything that they would learn in a first year University level Computer Science class. We will mainly focus on Java Object-Oriented programming, but we will also cover topics such as binary arithmetic, Boolean logic, software engineering, programming documentation, algorithms, data structures, ethics in computing and advanced problem solving techniques. In general, this course will teach you to work hard and solve problems using strategic methods and organization skills. 

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