for Peaceful Schools

We are glad you surfed by to visit our interactive peace quilt.  Please click the quilt squares below, and reflect upon our wishes for a peaceful school.  Click on the center patch for a special surprise.  We will sing the Peace and Friendship song for you.   Sing along if you can.   Lets work together to make our schools peaceful places to learn and grow!

Mrs. McBride-Wentzell's Class 2001/2002

  ***An Internet Project for promoting peaceful schools***                ***Effective technology integration for elementary students K-6***               ****Meaningful and relevant peace education curriculum***         

by Aedan

by Braden

by Joshua

by Jocelyn

by Taylor

by Andrew

by Tyler

by Dylan

by Rebecca

by Alicia

by Brandon

 by Derek

by Brooklyn

by Carly

by Jazmine

by Ashely

 Peace and Friendship Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

 by Nikki

by  Jessica

by Ryan

by Airiel

by Connor

by Emily

by Kyle

by Edward

  Breton & Matthew

by Meghan

by Aaron

by Erin

by ...




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