My Life As Queen Elizabeth I  told by Britney Wentzell
Grade 4/5 Penney, Duc D'Anville School

 I was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace.  My father was King  Henry VIII and my mother was his second wife Queen Anne Boleyn.  As a child, I was given a very impressive education and I excelled at my studies.  I was taught by famous scholars, and from an early age it was clear that I was remarkably gifted.  I was good at languages, and by adulthood I could speak five languages fluently.

I was Queen of England from 1558 to my death in 1603.  I was known to my subjects as "Good Queen Bess."   My reign was called the Elizabethan or "Golden Age" because it was a time period of great advancement and achievement in England.  I was responsible for Englands' exploration of the New World and the flourishing of its economy.  I made England a world power.  I made my court a center for poets, musicians, writers, and scholars as well. I enjoyed the performances of William Shakespeare very much. 

    I was a good poet and musician myself.  Here's a poem I wrote...


Ah, silly pug, wert thou so sore afraid?

by Elizabeth I



Queen Elizabeth


AH, silly pug, wert thou so sore afraid?
Mourn not, my Wat, nor be thou so dismayed.
It passeth fickle fortune's power and skill
To force my heart to think thee any ill.


No fortune base, thou sayest, shall alter thee,
And may so blind a witch so conquer me?
No, no, my pug, though fortune were not blind,
Assure thyself she could not rule my mind.

Fortune, I know, sometime doth conquer kings,
And rules and reigns on earth, and earthly things;
But never think fortune can bear the sway,
If virtue watch and will her not obey.

Ne chose I thee by fickle fortune's rede,
Ne she shall force me alter with such speed;
But if to try this mistress jest with thee,

Pull up thy heart, suppress thy brackish tears,
Torment thee not, but put away thy fears.

Dread to all joys and living unto woe,
Slain quite by her that ne'er gave wise man blow,
Revive again and live without all dread;
The less afraid, the better thou shalt speed.


(Pub. I960) from Jones, Emrys, ed.
The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991.




entertained many marriage proposals but never married or had any children. I died at seventy years of age after a very successful forty-four year reign.

Elizabeth IA

"Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor."


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