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If you have ever been to a presentation by someone who used PowerPoint or other presentation software, you know how useful this tool can be for making your presentation effective and professional. 

Teachers have discovered that  PowerPoint presentations help to motivate and advance learning.  They meet the needs of  multiple learning styles, and can be a powerful teaching aid during the introduction and review of curricular material. 

When students are encouraged to create their own PowerPoint Projects, they engage in critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving.  PowerPoint project work is an authentic or "real world" task that helps learners to  integrate and synthesize concepts taught.

PowerPoint can be used to make four different kinds of presentations:

Overhead Slides: Used with an overhead projector, these are limited to the capability of the printer you use. You can also save your document on a disk and take it to a printing center if you want color overheads.

Slide Presentations: Any large commercial copy center can convert PowerPoint presentations to 35 mm slides.

On-Line Slide Show: If you have access to a portable computer this is by far the most effective use of PowerPoint because it's possible to add movement and even sound to your presentation.

Web slide show: You can turn your PowerPoint presentation into a Web site, and even run your presentation from a Web site. PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to WebCT and can be run from inside WebCT. This capability is particularly useful for distance classes where PowerPoint presentations may be the primary instructional medium.



There are visual considerations that one must adhere to if one wishes to create an effective PowerPoint presentation.  Keep it simple, and don't try to "wow" your audience with a battery of special effects - they've seen it all.  Just remember, in PowerPoint less IS more.

To learn the PowerPoint basics for effective presentations, check out the following PowerPoint presentations online (need PowerPoint viewer):


   TUTORIALS  (need Powerpoint viewer)

 A wonderful. student oriented, guide to building PowerPoint presentations. This site includes printable tutorials, a teacher's guide and lots of extras.

An article and slide show from Education World.




Students create their own endings to stories, role play, justify their decisions/views, and look at the pros and cons of issues through the creation of PowerPoint presentations.

4th and 5th grade students research contradictory theories of unsolved mysteries.

A fantastic lesson from the TLT Project Page, which includes outcomes, students task, rubric, recommended resources, and the PowerPoint presentation download.



Learning PowerPoint tutorials and more.  A great selection of teacher created Instructional PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates to download.

Some great ideas for integrating PowerPoint  in  Elementary, Jr. High, and Senior High classes.

Gr. P: go to this site and download an alphabet template.  Use Microsoft Paint to draw something for each letter.  Import it into the presentation. Click below:

Grade 2 and up: create interactive flash cards to teach a concept in your class.  Download the template below and modify the contents.

Gr. 4 and up:  go to TLT and download project research template.  Modify it for use in your curricular program.
Click here: t

Jr. High/High School: use the template below to make a Jepordy presentation for your curricular program.



Currrently over 130 PowerPoints available, created by some of education's best teachers.  Kindergarten to Senior High.

Learning PowerPoint tutorials and more.  A great selection of teacher created Instructional PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates to download.



An excellent resource for PowerPoint tutorials and links.

A nice collection of links to PowerPoint resources, project examples, PowerPoint downloads, etc.

Includes links to articles and tutorials for creating PowerPoint  presentations.

A teaching file to help practice 5 basic skills of PowerPoint.



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