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Introduction -An Overview

Kidspiration is a software application for students K-6 that  builds strong thinking skills with visual learning.  It allows the user to easily create concept maps to express, organize, and develop ideas.  It supports visual and auditory learning using pictures, words, and audio.

Many children today are visual learners and retain the infomation  best with visual graphics because it helps them to organize their thoughts and begin to see how concepts are related or connected. 

Kidspiration can be used by the students to begin to formulate their own graphic representations of the ideas and concepts that they are learning. Teachers can use it to create concept maps for instructional purposes.

Click here for a flash interactive overview of Kidspiration.



Kidspiration Across The Curriculum

Click here  and here to view samples of student work created in Kidspiration that meets curricular standards in the various subject areas.

Wondering where to begin? Click here to view literally hundreds of Kidspiration project examples integrated across the curriculum  in the vear.

Here are a some cross-curricular examples of how Kidspiration software can be used in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and planning activites.


Kidspiration Tutorial - Getting Started

For another nice Kidspiration tutorial  online that you can print for a hard copy click here.

Here are two really nice online video tutorial of Kidspiration for Mac and PC.



  Locking Templates - for Mac and PC

If your Kidspiration project includes a template for your students to work on (ex. farm super grouper), you should lock it to prevent it from being modified by your students.  Note:  make sure you make 3 locked copies of your  template and name the files accordingly (farm1, farm2, farm3) in case students accidentally delete the original file.


Once file is saved go to Windows Explorer Start/Programs/Windows Explorers

1. Open Kpsdlux, then open the folder where ever the file is located ex. drive: a 2. Right click on file to read-only
3. Click on properties
4. Click in read-only box/ok
5. Now your file cannot be written on unless you use File/Save As is selected


1. Save your file
2. Find you file on your hard drive or your floppy disk
3. Click once on the Kid Pix icon
4. While file is selected (not opened), click File Get Information
5. Click in box to lock your file. You will see a little lock next to your file
6. Now your file cannot be written on unless you use File/Save As


         Kidpiration Templates For Downloading

Now try creating some unique Kidspiration project templates to add to the database below.

Once your Kidspiration file is created, save it to the harddrive,  and e-mail it here.   Send it as an attachment with the information below.  Copy and paste the categories to the body of your e-mail.

Grade Level of Project:
Instructions for Use:

 ~ right click on hyperlink target to download ~

Language Arts


Who's A Scardey Cat story web

Shapes super grouper


Social Studies

Pandas research web

Capitals Match Up

Click on the links below to find Kidspiration project templates to download for your curricular initiatives.  Should you find any other great links on the Net, please contact me.


    Kidspired Tales

This collaborative internet project helps teachers to create new literacies by integrating technology with popular children's literature.  There are templates and accompanying worksheets to download in the student showcase section. A must see Kidspiration resource on the net!

Click here to go to Kidspired Tales


Converting Kidspiration to the Web




   Kidspiration Links


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