~ Curricular Activities ~ 
group time/ center activities/ movement

Grouptime Activities

  • Arrange Clifford and other stuffed animals in size order.

  • Doggie Ears
    Make red dog ears and attach them to a red head band to wear for the week. Add a black nose with makeup.


  Center Activities 

Language Arts Center

Count "Clifford"
Count how many times the word Clifford appears in each book    


 Math Center

Clifford Patterns
  Cut out dog bones from cardboard or sponge to dip in tempra to   
 stamp out bone patterns.


Playdough Center

  Bone Count
Use a dog bone cookie cutter to cut out playdough.  Choose a number card and cut out the correct amount of dog bones.


Art Center

  Clifford Collage
Use an opaque projector to blow up a picture of Clifford on white butcher paper.  Give students strips of red construction paper to cut up and glue inside of the shape to make it red.  When the shape is covered, glue on eyes and a black color.

  Clifford Origami
Cut red construction paper into a square and indent the four sides by cutting a small piece out. Fold the paper in half, to make a triangle.  Cut out eyes and a nose from paper scraps and attach with glue.  Fold over the edges of the triangle shape to form ears.

  Clifford Cups
Make Clifford out of a red plastic cup. Attach long, red floppy ears - 
made from paper or felt and use paper or markers for other facial features. Add a black paper tongue or use a small piece of black felt.

  Clifford's Dog Bone Prints
Have the children do stamping pictures with large dog bones.

  Fingerpaint Clifford 
Give each child a large piece of paper and red paint and ask them to
"paint" Clifford on the paper (the more it looks like a big red blob, the
better). After it has dried, glue on 2 large wiggly eyes and add a mouth
and nose with a black marker. 

  Clifford Handpuppetpicture
Make a handpuppet out of red felt for the body and ears, and black felt for the nose and paw pads.  See the Kids Domain site for the complete instructions and to download the  pattern. 

Handprint Clifford Head
Start with a red circle for his face. Use the children's red handprints to make his ears (hands upside down). Then add eyes, nose and a mouth.





  • Clifford, Clifford Who Has Your Bone

    Played the same as 'doggy, doggy, who has your bone. One child is picked to be Clifford and goes in the middle of the circle, lays down, and covers his/her eyes. A bone (cut out felt one works well) is given to one child to hide behind his/her back. All children hide their hands behind their backs and sing the following...

    "Clifford, Clifford who has your bone,
    Someone stole it from your home,
    Guess who, maybe you,
    Maybe the monkey from the zoo.

    Wake up Clifford, find your bone.
    If you find it, take it home!

    Clifford has 3 guesses (or less depending on how many children you have playing) to find his bone. Clifford must move around the circle and BARK at the child he thinks is hiding the bone. Child then shows Clifford his/her hands. If no bone, then Clifford continues - if he finds it, another child is chosen to be Clifford. 


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