Welcome to Mrs. McBride-Wentzell's Kindergarten Class
Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea Elementary
"Big Pet Show"

By Aaron - age 6
My chicks name is Marshmallow.  I like to play with him and watch TV.  Marshmallow is as big as Clifford the Big Red Dog.


Edward Kenny - age 6
My turtle's name is Shelly.  She is fun.  She lets me ride in her shell. I like to play with her on the beach.


Breton McNeil - age 6
My mouse's name is Harry.  Harry likes to watch TV and to play ball with me.  Harry is so gigantic he can crash through buildings.


Ryan - age 6
My dog's name is Fido.  He can run 100 miles per hour.  I like to play catch with him.


Joshua Butt - age 6
My pet's name is Fluffy.  She is 90 feet tall.  She can do tricks, like jump over the moon and stars.  I like to ride on her fluffy fur and hold onto her ear.


Tyler - age 6
My pets name is  Backpack. I like to ride on his back.  He can eat 1000 bones a day.


Emily Herman - age 5  1/2
My pet's name is Chirpy.  He likes to fly super fast.  I like to ride my bike with Chirpy as he flies along with me.



Jocelyn Masterman - age 6
My pets name is Julie.  She can stay out of the water for 20 minutes.  I like to ride on her back when she swims in the water.


Nikki Robb and Alicia - ages 6 years old

Our  mouse's name is Skippy.  We like to ride on his back and  play in the snow with him.  He can make giant tunnels in the snow and we can go running through them.


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