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This site is intended as a resource for teachers and students of  the Nova Scotia Grade 12 Sociology Course.  Here you will find some course infomation, lessons and activities that the students found interesting and help in understanding the nature of our societal interactions. This course focuses on Canadian society.

Course Description

Sociology is the study of human relationships that binds all the social sciences together from a "people" perspective and looks at how we as a society interact. This course will examine Canadian sociological issues. All societies have social issues such as crime, violence and discrimination that affect the way we interact. This course allows for self awareness, we will look at biases that exist within all of us and we will be able to identify them, we will make informed decision based on the particular bias. The course will attempt to develop an understanding and appreciation for different personalities, cultures and behaviors that exist.

We begin the course by looking at sociologists who have made a difference; as well as the difference between a sociologist, anthropologist and psychologist. Next the students are required to complete a form of research on a topic of their choice. The research can be a survey, controlled or observation but a topic will be explored.

Sociology is a course that encourages individual expression and thought. The weekly assignments are chosen by students as something they are interested in following. Seminars in different areas such as designer babies, genetically modified foods or problems dealing with divorce will be examined. We modelled our course on the text book.

Text: Canadian Society: A Changing Tapestry

1. Introduction

2. Nature of the Human Species

3. Human Behaviour

4. Social Behaviour

5. Human Communication

6. Impact of Culture

7. Social Institutions-family, marriage,education,issues for schools

8. Conformity and Alienation- groups, deviant behaviour,social change

9. Aggression and Violence

10. Social Problems and Issues

11. Coping with a Changing Future




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