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South Shore - Nova Scotia

  Lunenburg's population is about 48 000 and about 6000 people are Acadian and many others are related to the first German settlers.  It is well known for its shipbuilding industry.  The famous Bluenose was built here. Fishing is important too.  Highliner Foods that sells lots of frozen fish in supermarkets is in Lunenburg.  Now it is getting well known for tourism and films are being made there too.  Some films made there are: "Two if By Sea" and "Simon Birch" and television movies "Pit Pony" and "Blue Moon".  Go to the town's web site to learn more. 



  Mahone Bay           To see where it is click here

      Mahone Bay is very famous for their three church's Trinity United , St. John Lutheran , St. James Anglican.  Those three churches  have stood by the head of the harbour for over one hundred years and are  still in wonderful condition.

        The word Mahone  comes from the word " Mahonne". "Mahonne" is French for pirate ships that sailed by the shore of Mahone Bay.

           Legend has it that the pirates that went along the shore of Mahone Bay , buried a treasure on an island close to Mahone Bay called Oak island .


  Oak Island is in Mahone Bay.  It is not very big but lots of people have heard about it because it is supposed to have buried treasure on it.  You can read some of the history of it on our history page.  To go there click on the tools


  Peggy's Cove is famous for its rocks and lighthouse which is also a post office in the summer.  Lots of tourists go to see it.  There is a memorial there for the people killed in the Swiss Air crash on September 2, 1998.  On the rocks at Peggy's Cove there is also a sculpture by William E deGarthe.  He carved about 30 fishermen and their families into the rocks showing the things they do in their life as fishermen.  It is called Peggy's Cove because a girl named Margaret was the only survivor from a shipwreck.  She got married and lived in the cove and people used to go there to visit her.  Peggy is a nickname for Margaret.  To see pictures of Peggy's Cove with some interesting information go to

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