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Eastern Shore - Nova Scotia

Population - When you leave Dartmouth to go towards Cape Breton there are no large towns but small places make it interesting to drive. There is a Fisherman's Life Museum in Jeddore Oyster Ponds.  There were more people living in this area 100 years ago when fishing and lumbering was important.  Sheet Harbour with population of 900 is the largest town.  Sherbrooke Village is a good place to go to see how people lived in the past.  It is part of the Museum of Nova Scotia. A good site to see what is in the village and where it is on the map is at 


Fishing - There is fishing for trout and Atlantic Salmon for sport in rivers along the coast.  At Eastern Passage there is a Fishermen's Village tourist attraction with little stores. 


 Forestry -  The forests grew close to the water in this part of Nova Scotia and it was easy to get logs to float down the rivers (river drives) and put them on boats to send away.  The Sheet Harbour website tells about people starting in 1784 to get wood to build homes and fishing boats and ships. A sawmill was built about 1786.  Many different sawmills were built and made lumber until big companies bought them.  In 1971 Scott Paper had a big mill that was destroyed by hurricane Beth.  It never opened again because there was a new big mill in Pictou County.  You can see good pictures of the mills and also of the damage from the hurricane if you go to


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