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By The Grade Fours 
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Our class is a 4/5 split class, but only the fours are working on this website. We attend Crichton Park School in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Our class e-mail is shanson@staff.ednet.ns.ca (Please click on the link to e-mail us, but read the article first!) Our teacher's name is Mrs. Hanson. The students that worked on this site are 9 and 10 years of age.

Our category for the website was: Events and people in your town's history. Here is a description of our school: Our school is built of brown brick. There is a green sign reading Crichton Park school. There are two playgrounds (One on each side.) There is also a basket-ball court, two soccer fields, a hockey court and a tennis court surrounding our school, as well as plenty forest.

With our site we were trying to accomplish a decent website, that was fun and interesting, as well as providing factual information. We chose to do our website about The Halifax explosion because we were about to take a field trip to a museum and learn especially about The Halifax explosion, and it fit into our required work and studies. The people working on the "Facts and the Story" page learned a gigantic amount of research from putting their page together.

Some of the tools we used in creating this site were:

These tools helped us create the website. Some we used very, very often such as the software. They are for the school use, purchased by the school's money.

We visited "The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic" and were toured around a exhibit on the Halifax explosion, that was very helpful indeed! One of the students' father is a diver and he had several original pictures and books for our site. Mrs. Hudson, a mother of a grade six in our school, helped us organize our work, but she did NO work on the actual site. She was a very encouraging assistant.

When we were counting down days to the upload date it was very hectic putting the website together and quite a few changes were made. This project has added a site about the Halifax explosion to our school website. ( www.cps.ednet.ns.ca )

The area that we found most challenging was finding time and patience . To deal with this struggle we found a lot of time in the final week perfecting the site.

Right now, we are not sure if we will update the website. The site will be on the school site somewhere for the next few years.

We had quite a few comments.

Remember to e-mail us telling us about your likes and dislikes on our site! We hoped you enjoyed our website! 


Alex, Bruce, Daniel, 

Davina, Dylan, Emily, 

Erin, Gregory, Hannah, 

Kelcie, Kyle, Regan, 

Robin, and Scott 

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