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Charcoal/ Color pastel art

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Mrs. Shlick came into our classroom on the anniversary of the Halifax explosion. We did art in charcoal and color pastel. The charcoal was black, we drew pictures of people and objects before and after help arrived, and attended to the victims, buildings etc.

Thank-you Mrs. Shlick!!


The Trip to the "Maritime Museum of the Atlantic"

On November 28 2000 our class took a field trip to "The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic". There we saw a special exhibit on the Halifax Explosion. We saw artifacts, and even some pieces of The Mont Blanc! We saw a film also, and we were told many interesting stories.


Reading Stories

During the few days before and after the explosion we read some stories about individual people/families from books such as Too Many to Mourn and Dartmouth's Day of Anguish. The people that created the "story" page summarized some of the stories from those books.


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