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On The Dartmouth Side...

While the Mont Blanc and the Imo we’re burning two Frenchmen aboard the Mont Blanc knew that the fire would burn on the ammunition and cause the explosion.

Immediately, the two Frenchmen got aboard a rowboat and rowed to shores of Dartmouth.

There, they found a woman holding a baby and tried to tell here that the ammunition was going to ignite, but the lady was English and they couldn’t communicate with each other. So the Frenchmen took the baby and ran. The woman followed and then it happened.

The explosion killed thousands, but with the Frenchmen’s help, the woman and her baby was saved.

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One Family's Tragedy 

On the morning of December 6 the year 1917, the family of James and Elizabeth Jackson were doing what they usually did every morning. The children had gone to school, the men to work. Then it hit at 9:05.  The Halifax explosion.  46 members of the Jackson family were dead. Schools and places of work were destroyed. All dreams were lost.

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Mollie Forbes

On the day of the explosion I was returning from the Annapolis Valley with my mother, where we had attended the wedding the previous day.  We left Wolfville by train for Halifax early in the morning and when we reached Windsor junction, we knew something was seriously  wrong. We could see smoke and flames coming from Halifax. The train brought us to Rockingham and anyone could get off the train or go back to the valley.   My mother and I got off because we wanted our house and family and see what had happened to them. we left the train and went into and went into Mount St. Vincent where there was many injured people lying on the floor in a large hall and the nurses were bathing them and caring for them. They were the angels of heaven for the people who were injured. We got to the ferry and had to wait to remove a dead horse from the ferry dock so the boat could get in. we eventually got home and walked into the house through the broken door.  The house was a mess there was glass from the windows. A man came by with what looked like a big roll of rubber and nailed it.

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