Plate Tectonics Web Quest


Go to:


Answer the following questions:


1.  What is the Earth’s outermost layer? 


2.  How many large plates are there and what are there names? 


3.  How fast do plates move?


Click on Convergent Boundaries


4.  Draw a diagram of a convergent boundary:


5.  Explain what happens at convergent boundaries.


6.  Explain why it might be dangerous to live near a convergent boundary.


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7.  Draw a diagram of a divergent boundary:


8.  Explain what happens at divergent boundaries.


9.  What are some of the physical features associated with a divergent boundary?


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10.  Draw a diagram of a transform boundary:


11.  Explain what happens at a transform boundary.


12.  What are some of the effects of the action along transform boundaries?