What is an IPP?



An IPP may involve any or all of the following:

·       Following the same general curriculum outcomes but at a significantly different outcome level than would be expected for the grade-level in which the student is enrolled

·       Deleting of a specific curriculum outcome or outcomes when the deleted outcome(s) is/are necessary to develop an understanding of the general curriculum outcome

·       Where there is a need, providing programming for outcomes that are not part of Nova Scotia’s public school program (e.g., behaviour programming, life skills)

·       Adding new outcomes where students require enrichment



An IPP is indicated on the student’s report card and/or transcript.  A copy of the IPP is filed in the student’s cumulative record file.



Some students may require a combination of adaptation and an IPP.  For example, a student may require adaptations in language arts and an IPP in math.  All program planning is based on the student’s strengths and needs. 



Taken from, “The Program Planning Process. A Guide For Parents”