General Material

Rutgers University Libraries Subject Research Guides History - American and British The Rutgers based site offers a selection of primary sources relating to colonial America and Europe

Spartacus Educational - Home Page     A great indexed page offering a bunch of information on a wide selection of topics

United Kingdom -- Primary Documents    A  great site covering the history the British Isles from medieval to modern time. All in primary sources. Cool!

EuroDocs Western European Primary Historical Documents    The parent site for the English docs. Super cool!

BBC - Schools - Homepage    A great index of material on a wide variety of topics.

The Avalon Project    The site is administered by Yale University and offers a selection of primary sources, all with a legal / political bent    A Florida Professor developed the site as an internet bibliographic source for western civilisation courses.    A good selection of primary sources relating to European exploration of North America    Good link to maps and stuff from all over the world ancient to modern history



Age of Exploration

Age of Enlightenment    The Washington State University site focuses on the Renaissance and Enlightenment unknown sources???


French Revolution    Produced by the Centre for Media and History; the site offers a good selection of stuff relating to the French Revolution



GERMAN MILITARY MARCHES MUSIC TAPES    A group of British teacher developed this site that covers a wide selection of topics relating to the 19th century.    The site offers online information on the criminal proceedings in Britain from the 17th to the 20th century.    Produced by the Fritzwilliam Museum in England, the site offers a great selection of 18th century satirical and propaganda prints online.    The Spartacus site offers this link to labour relations and history of 19th Britain    The site is devoted to the development of the workhouse and the history of poverty in Great Britain    The Library of Congress offers a wide selection of visual images from various nations from the 18th 20th century    The official government website offering numerous primary sources from different periods of British History.


World Wars

The Great War     History Channel link on the subject

The Great War Society Links to Other Great War Sites Updated September 2001    An enthusiast page with a great set of links

The World War I Document Archive    An enthusiast based archive on a selection of primary documents based on each year of the war

Education Activities for Students    Site offers lessons and cooking stuff for students

Flanders Fields Museum     Museum based in the city of Ypres offers a bit of background on the 3 major battles around the town

Ypres Home Page    A British enthusiast developed the site. Well researched

BBC - History - Soldiers' Stories Audio Gallery    The BBC offered recorded interviews with British WWI veterans

BBC - History - World War One    An extensive web site produced by the BBC on the First World War

BBC - Schools Online World War One - Homepage BBC resource on the Fiirst World War. Lots of material

British Army in the Great War    The site is designed to educate relatives of veterans. Has a lot of material on the expeiernce and cultural history of WWI veterans.

Imperial War Museum    The museum houses all records and material sources for the British armed forces from WWI onward.

National Army Museum    The museum focuses on the history of the British Army up to WWI

Passchendaele Remembered by Paul Reed Ypres 1917 - 2007 90th Anniversary    The site was developed by a historian as part of a television series.

The Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918    A web site developed by enthusiast on the development, personnel, and equipment of the RFC.

First World War Era - History - The Virtual Gramophone    A collection of Canadian / British music from around the time of the First World War

First World War Graphic pictures and music    The site offers a great selection of visual images and sound recordings

Propaganda Postcards of the Great War, Punch cards    A selection of patriotic and nationalist c cards produced in Britain at the turn of the century.

WWI Poetry    Then site is devoted to the poetry of the First World War    A search engine offering a great selection of links.

World War I - Trenches on the Web    Produced by the Greta War Society, the enthusiast based site offers a great selection of resources. Not all may be vetted.

WWI Legends and Traditions    The site offers a timeline of the war with a set of links for each topic mentioned.

WWI Web Site Index    Developed by an American Social Studies teacher, the site offers a wide variety of material and resources on World War one