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General Background Material     A great website for general information about WW I, as well as great links to other sites.     British web page offering different thematic web sites about the war from the British perspective. Has links to other subjects as well. .    Has a bit of information on the changes in Canada 1900 – 1950.

Canada at the Turn of the Century    Provides a snapshot of life in Canada in 1900 - the people, their issues, their challenges and their pastimes.

Library and Archives Canada    The site has an assortment of primary source materials on Canadian History

 The 1900's A Student's Site    This is a student developed site with some interesting stuff. Mainly an American slant though.

Origins of Christmas Traditions    Basic site discussing the origins of the most common traditions. Not sure of origins or accuracy.

The Kitchen - The 1900 Diet    Based on the reality based PBS show. Offers some interactive bits and good background information on domestic life in North America in the early 20th Century.

Canada's National History Society    The website id associated with Beaver Magazine and offers a variety of articles that change frequently.

Immigrants to Canada in Nineteenth Century - Ships - Emigration Reports - Emigration Handbooks    The website offers a large selection of primary sources on immigration to Canada and the world. It is associated with the University of Waterloo.

Education's.htm    The site comprises of a short student developed essay on life in 1900    An interesting diary of a teacher in Saskatchewan c. 1900

Food    Has a brief bit on cooking and food preparation in 1900.     A student made web site that has a menu and articles on life in 1900.

 Work     Is an index of articles from Statistics Canada.

Urban / Rural Canada     Pictures of Vancouver from 1900 – 1910     Pictures and bits of information about life at the time.

 Farming     This site is devoted to the development of farming practices in North America.

 Sports This is the link to the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. This has a list of links to sports in Canada. Some may be dead Museum of Civilization’s exhibition on skating.

Doctor / Doctor This link has bits on when things were Invented (x-rays = 1896) Has a history of one of the most common ailments of the period – TB.


Military    The Canadian Great War Project is intended to promote interest in Canada's participation in World War One and provide resources for research of  Canadians who participated in the Great War 1914-1919 or other nationalities who served in the CEF. The content is primarily database driven to facilitate searches for information. The site is, and will continue to be, a work in progress; there are currently over 115,286 entries of individual soldiers, and has become a collaborative effort among those interested in researching Canada and the Great War. While searches through the database are available to all, only registered users may update information. National archives interactive research site    A general web page with links on World War One and Canada by  subject.          Photos of the actual grave stones of Canadians killed overseas.        The Ontario Archives has some primary sources online from the First World War.       This site has a few interesting links to military history sites.      This is a general link page that has some webs for the navy and air force.           The web page has a few different links to help with researching equipment, battles etc.       Has information on all the major events of WWI from a Canadian perspective. This is a great web site on a variety of topics relating to the First World War.

The Memory Project    Has a number of personal recollections and interviews with Canadian veterans of World War Two and Korea

Canadian Military History Gateway - History Browser The link is mainly a search engine of resources available through a variety of government agencies.

Canadian Unit Diaries - World War One    This database contains the digitised War Diaries of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) units.

Canadian War Museum The link connects you to the home page for both museums in Ottawa and the Normandy.

Captain Albert Ball - VC DSO MC - Air ace of World War 1    A short Bio of Canada's greatest ace

Personal Web Page - Capt G. Laughton M.C.  The web site summarizes one relative's research on his grandfather's role in the Great War (1914 - 1918) Historical research covers  the Battle of Arras (Vimy Ridge),  and the capture of Hill 70

For King and Empire    The site is a resource for the film series of the same name. A good set of documentaries!

McGill Rare Books and Special Collections Canadian War Poster Collection    A cool site that examines the development and style of Canada's Propaganda posters from World War Two.

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections The U of M site offers mainly sources for WW1 and WW2 but there is an interesting section of the Louis Riel period.

WWI Poetry    The website is devoted to poetry of the First World War,1914-1918, in all its aspects. All nationalities included.

Propaganda Postcards of the Great War, Punch cards The Site looks at the material / cultural history of small cards used to promote patriotism in wartime England

First World War Graphic pictures and music This is a fabulous site offering visual resources on all aspects and nationalities of the First World War.


Census / Geneology        This will lead you directly to the National Archives of Canada database on every known service men and women of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.).                       This web site offers a brief history of all Canadian servicemen who died in World War One.       This web site has a great number of links that might be useful for Genealogy.        This is a great web site. Almost all of the names in the 1901 and 1911 census have been compiled in to a easy to browse index.     This is a web page to help you get started. There is already a WWI veteran web page that has some soldiers already linked to census records etc.        Scanned copy of the 1901 Census for all of Canada       Scanned copy of the 1911 Census for all of Canada


Culture       This is the links page from the Museum of Civilisation. It covers all aspects of Canadian History from all types of sources. A link to Manitoba / Regina pictures. Shows what a general store looked like as well as how it was set up and run. Christmas Traditions Has a cool little snapshot view of what Canada was like in 1900 A little snippet on home life c.1900.'s.htm Is a good general link on life at the turn of the century.


Visual / Audio                Has sound recordings of veterans of the First World War.              This is a web pages or war art and about war artists                  This is a visual database for Ontario. It has pictures from all periods  and aspects of life in Ontario              Offers a lot of pictures of WW1 by topic and nationality.         Has examples of music from the turn of the century.

Music From Canada's Past This site is similar to the virtual gramophone site but offers actual sheet music instead of sound files. 

The Virtual Gramophone    The site offers a selection of contemporary music from the late 19th and early 20th century. Music selections and history 1900 – 1920. Popular music 1910 – 1920 Is a list of resources on music.


Maritime History      This site has a whack load of stuff relating to the history of Nova Scotia from pre-contact to the present.      This site has a bunch of genealogy links by region for NS. (including a bit on Hatchette Lake)    links to NS history from first contact forward

Nova Scotia History Index This index offers a selection of topics relating to the history and culture of Nova Scotia

Newfoundland A virtual museum of Newfoundland Fisheries Newfoundland and the Great war

Fishing New Brunswick Fisheries – go to part discussing “Dry Fishing” It is about the cod industry and how people worked doing it. Part of PEI fisheries web page. Has a decent section on technology in fishing 1900.

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