General Material site on the Battle of Thermopylae and Grechian art of war

BBC - Schools - Homepage    This is a great search engine / index of topics on history and otrher subjects. From the U.K.

Nat Geographic - Ancient tombs     This is a video on ancient tombs in Egypt. You may need an updated flash player to run.   The link offers an overview of India’s caste system A good index on the culture and history of China    The site is maintained by the University of Minnesota and covers an Archaeological dig they have done on Tijkal    The American History Society's site offers a good description of the Archaeological process    Good link to maps and stuff from all over the world ancient to modern history



History & info - the Early Roman calendar The page discusses how the Romans measured time and seasons etc.

BBC - Romans - City of Rome The BBC website offers a selection of topics on Ancient Rome

Let's Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome!    This is a web quest on ancient Rome. A little elementary but kinda fun.

The Roman Empire in the First Century. Special Features. Emperor of Rome Game PBS    American PBS quiz / game on the development of emperors

The Roman Empire in the First Century. The Roman Empire PBS    Another link from the PBS website on topics on Ancient Rome



Ancient China for Kids - Main Index    This is a great index covering a variety of topics on China. Most of it is written for a younger audience, but still informative. 

Ancient Chinese Architecture    Offers a small selection of interpretations of Architectural styles in imperial China

Ancient Chinese economy - History for Kids!    Designed for young kids the link offers a bit of information on Ancient Chinese economics.

China - Early History    Link to the History Teacher's Web. The link has a bunch of good links and pages that cover a variety of topics. Other parts of the web page cover other cultures and regions.

Ballad of Mulan    This page offers an English translation of the ancient ballad of Mulan.

CHINESE WARFARE (Lecture by Ralph D. Sawyer) - China History Forum, Chinese History Forum

The Early History of China An Annotated List of Internet Resources    The link has a small selection of webs and search engines on Ancient China

The Mongols in World History Asia Topics in World History    Based out of Columbia University. The page offers an overview of the rise and fall of the Mongols.


Meso America

Ancient Mayan Civilization    The blog offers a selection of lessons and material on the cultural hisoty of Mesoamerica.    A student created power point on the fall of the Inca

Inca Civilization    A decent web page on the Inca Empire and major figures.

Inca Empire Index    A great index on the Incas. The site covers a lot of topics.

Maya civilization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia    Nuf said?

MAYAN ARTIFACTS    Link from the Museum of Man offering a selection of pictures of Mayan artifacts such as stone tools and weapons.

Mayan Geography    Generalist web site on the Mayans

Mayan Gods   Generalist web site on the Mayans

Mayan history   Generalist web site on the Mayans

Mayan religion - Popol Vuh   Generalist web site on the Mayans

Mayan society   Generalist web site on the Mayans

Mayan Writing ~ Codices   Generalist web site on the Mayans

National Geographic Inca Mummies Pictures, Maps, Links    National Geographic article on the mummies of Peru

NOVA Online Ice Mummies of the Inca Lost Empire The excellent television series covers the cultural practices and material evidence of the Incas

The Incredible Incas for Kids The site is geared for younger students but does offer a good range of topics and research ion the Incas. The History Art and Culture of Ancient Mesoamerica    A generalist web site on the Aztecs

Welcome To The Mesoamerican Ballgame    A neat little site devoted to the equipment and rules to the game. It also has a neat quiz / game attached.

NewsHour Extra Ancient Maya Knowledge Through Art -- Lesson Plan A lesson plan on the Mayans    An individual developed site on the rise and fall of the Aztecs.

collapse The Maya This site is developed for teachers to provide background material on Mesoamerica


Greece    The link connects to a article on the Battle of Thermopylae    An academic paper on the development of Grecian democracy    The site is linked to History world and covers a variety of topics on ancient history.    The site is an article from the National Geographic. It appears to be more of a travel magazine article than an academic one    Brief academic article on the nature of Grecian



Development of the Great Pyramids    This is a commercial web site devoted to King Tut and the Pharaohs.    The site links to a couple of interesting videos about ancient Egypt.


Mesopotamia    An individual based site offering a few topics on Mesopotamia. Designed more for a younger middle school audience.