General Material - U.S. Department of State – International Information Programs – Gateway To African American history – includes relevant current policies and facts, and publications on historical episodes e.g. The Amistad Revolt, The Civil Rights Movement…    Good web site on various web sources!!!!!    good resource    quebec web page with some good material on military and post war rights


African Diaspora     Includes information and clips about Moroccan music. africa/explore/sahara/ sahara_music_lo.html     Highlights the music of the Tuareg people of the Sahara, and includes music clips.

South:     A modern music site for South African musicians, many of whom base their music on traditional sound. /africa/explore/southern /southern_music_lo. html


http://www.africaonline .com:80/search/search .jsp?a=v& objectid =14915&search String=music +tanzania& languageid=1     Gives an overview of Tanzanian music. africa /explore/swahili/swahili_ ml    Includes information and sample clips of music from the East coast of Africa.


http://www .africaonline .com:80/search/ search.jsp?a=v&objectid =32042& searchString= MUSIC&languageid=1     Gives an overview of the music of Ghana.
http://www.pbs .org/africa/ explore/sahel/sahel_musi c_lo.html    Includes music information and clips from the Dogon people of the western Sahel.

Central:    is the web site of a Ugandan musician and composer, it includes clips and quotes from the musician. explore/greatlakes/ greatlakes_music _lo.html    on African masks and art



North American Slave Narratives, Beginnings to 1920    Although this page is no longer updated, it still has a lot of useful links to primary resources regarding the Underground Railway in the United States.    Web site devoted to Mary Ann Shad



Colonialism and African Nationalism


North American Civil Rights - Kingwood College Library, American Cultural History – 1950-1959 – This site includes links and descriptions of important historic/cultural events e.g. 1955 Rosa Parks, 1956 Dr. James Salk (polio vaccine) and links


African American Culture    Good encyclopaedia article on the African Canadian experience    community profiles of black communities    black churches ib nova scotia    Good web site about contribution of blacks to Canadian culture