#ENG10 IRP: Making Mature Connections- due Friday, March 31

Hey English 10,

Today our focus will be on developing/deepening our use of a strategy effective readers constantly during and after reading to appreciate and understand what they read. Below you’ll find a number of digital resources to support you in developing and submitting your second IRP entry to Google classroom for our ongoing portfolio project.

For this entry, you will need:

Supporting Resources:

Making Mature Connections – complete guide, sample entry  (PDF)

Interested in the full article about Melida (the Colombian girl in the video above)? Read it here:

Your completed entry for this task is due in Google Classroom no later than the start of class on Friday, March 31. If for any reason you need assistance, it’s your job to email me to arrange time for extra help BEFORE IT IS DUE. Looking forward to seeing how you apply this strategy to the memoir we shared during February!

#ENG10 What makes a poem poetic?

As we begin our journey with learning to read and take mature meaning from poetry, take a few minutes and watch this. One of the key things that we’ll learn in our unit is that while poetry is difficult to pin down with a simple definition, once we learn about some of poetry’s key features the job of understanding it isn’t so daunting.

Looking forward to the next couple weeks of enlarging our worlds by developing new strategies as readers of poetry. See you in class! Mr. W

#ENG10 : Dressing Your Memoir Up For the Prom :)

Hey English 10,

Memoir: Final Draft Guidelines/Requirements

For the contest version:

Published Memoir – teacher sample – Contest version  (PDF)

– All text must be Arial font, 12pt.
– Title at beginning (does not count towards your word count limit)
– Text should be single spaced
– Paragraphs should skip a space and indent.
– Maximum 700 word count (not including title)
– Prepare a 2-3 sentence “About the Author” bio in the third person- you will need this on the submission form.

You can submit your memoir to the Turning Points Contest here:


For the non contest version:

Final Draft- Pass In To Wozney Version (sample)  (PDF)

– Stylized title (double the size of the font you use for the body of your memoir. It can be bold text, and it can be a decorative font- see the samples below)
– Your name should appear on the line after your title in the phrase “A Memoir by ____________” – italicize this text
– The body of your memoir should be typed in Arial font, 12 pt.
– Text should be single spaced
– Paragraphs should skip a space and indent.
– You should insert and text wrap at least two relevant photographs in the body of your memoir. Your photos must not be under copyright.
– Minimum 500 word count , Maximum 1000 word count (not including title/author line). State the word count at the end of the last sentence of your memoir.
– Prepare a 2-3 sentence “About the Author” bio in the third person. Insert this at the end of your memoir and italicize this text.

You have a printed copy of the marking scheme for this project, and a checklist of all items you need to submit tomorrow in class.

Rubric, checklist for memoir final project (March 2017)  (PDF)

Today is our final class to work on and complete this project. Any projects not submitted tomorrow will be given a grade of zero, and it will be final. Late submission of major projects will not be tolerated.

#BT11 Final Opportunity to complete Unit 5: Final Assessment

Hey Business Tech 11,

You had both classes on Monday (November 14) and Tuesday (November 15) to complete the final assessment for Unit 5. No more class time will be provided.

The mandated/obligatory extra time sessions for you to complete these under teacher supervision will be:

Thursday, November 17, 12 pm, lab 223

Friday, November 18, 12 pm, lab 224

If for any legitimate reason (physician’s appointment, rewrite previously arranged for a different course) you cannot attend one of these session, it is your responsibility to communicate with me today at pwozney@hrsb.ca to let me know and arrange an alternate date. If you do not, no extra time will be extended. Please note that wanting to go out with your friends for lunch is not a legitimate reason to not show up.

See you tomorrow/Friday at the times/locations posted above. Thanks!

#BT11 Unit 4 Final Assessment Make Up, Unit 4 Final Chance Dates

Hey Business Tech 11’ers,

The final make up session for the Final Assessment for Unit 4 will be today during lunch hour in Lab 223. Bring your lunch- I’ll be there for sure.

For those that I mentioned in class are missing unit work for Unit 3 (lessons 1, 2 or 3 or some combination), you have until Thursday, November 10 at the end of lunch to submit whatever work you have completed. After this point, Unit 4 will be closed and marks finalized for the term- any zeroes on file after that point will be final.

If for some reason you are unable to attend Tuesday/Thursday of this week when I am offering extra help, please feel free to email me at pwozney@hrsb.ca to arrange for extra help on Wednesday at lunch or another time prior to Thursday, November 10.

Midterm grades are due early next week, and I need all Unit 4 items taken care of before we leave so I can finish that work.

Thanks all! See you in class,

Mr. W

#BT11 Unit 3, Final Assessment- Extra time Dates

Hey Business Tech 11’ers,

If you did not complete the final assessment for Unit 3 last week on Thursday (October 20) and Friday (October 21), you may attend extra help in lab 223 on Tuesday (October 25) and Thursday (October 27) this week ONLY to do so.

Any work that is not done/submitted by the end of lunch hour on Thursday, October 27 will not be accepted.

Reminder that Final unit assessments are our versions of tests, and can only be done under direct teacher supervision- you may not complete them from home under any circumstances.

Email me at pwozney@hrsb.ca with any conflict issues if you know you cannot attend. I will only accommodate for conflicts if you let me know before the make up times, not after. This is not flexible!

Thanks all- see you in class,

Mr. W



#ECON11 Intro to Positive & Normative Economic Analysis

Hey all,

Resources for today’s lesson on becoming familiar with positive and normative economic analysis include:

Textbook, p10-12 (Economics Now, Oxford Canada, ISBN 9780195414455)


This playlist of short but high value videos (there are four videos in total):


Make an appointment for extra help.


Find a news article in the business or economics section of a major world newspaper (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe & Mail, etc). See if you can locate statements in it that you can classify as positive (provable with data and fact) or normative (based on a belief, value position or perspective/opinion). Remember that economic policy is formed through considering BOTH types of analysis…

#ENG10 Motif Study: Supporting Resources

Hey all,

Today we begin the final phase of our independent reading portfolio process. Over the next month, we will read one novel together as a class as a way of helping us navigate the concept of motif, perhaps the most complex literary device we’ll address in grade 10.

You will be expected to keep a portfolio that reflects your ability to listen actively by making notes and annotating, to analyze and unpack complex literary features and use a range of strategies to write and display your learning (this will include visuals/art making).

To get us started, we will need the following resources:


Teen Talk: Consent and Sexual Assault

Grade 8 Students Advocate For Education Around Sexual Consent (Definitely Not The Opera, CBC.ca)

Official Website: Laurie Halse Anderson

Additional Resources:

Halse Anderson, Laurie – Speak (PDF – for those with e-readers)

Audiobook files (you will need to download these and unzip them. Use these as supports while you read- DO NOT STUDY BY LISTENING ALONE!)

Reading Schedule

You will read according to the following timetable. Each week, we will have a ten question multiple choice comprehension check quiz to follow up these requirements. We will complete them using Mimiovote (a digital wireless voting system) at the beginning of each IRP class. if you are not present on the day of the quiz, you must arrange to make it up via regularly scheduled extra help before the next quiz. If you don’t, zeroes stick.

First Marking Period (pages 1-46) – Quiz, Thursday, May 12

Second Marking Period (pages 47-92) – Quiz, Friday, May 20

Third Marking Period (pages 93-138) – Quiz, Friday, May 27

Fourth Marking Period (pages 139-198) – Quiz, Friday, June 3

Final Assessment: Reflective Essay (in class): Date TBA, early June


Extra help happens weekly on Tuesday and Thursday in room 223 at lunch hour. If you cannot make those times due to conflicts with other help times or assessment make up, you can contact me via email to arrange other times during the week.

It’s good form to communicate in advance of deadlines. If you wait until the day of a quiz/assessment (and that includes emailing your teacher outside of class time/the wee hours of the morning), I can’t help you. Fair warning!

#BT11 #artwithexcel @HRSB_Official @CPAHighSchool #seewhatiamlearning

Students in Business Tech 11 classes @CPAHighSchool are learning to have fun with Excel as a creative medium rather than just an analytical one.

Interested in having your students create #artwithexcel at your school? Check out these amazing resources and tutorials:


Tatsuo Horiuchi | the 73-year old Excel spreadsheet artist

Like the art from this ^ link? Download one of the artist’s actual art projects created in excel here (link is at the end of the article): http://readwrite.com/2013/06/11/excel-is-an-art-form-these-beautiful-images-are-proof/