ENG10: memoir writing process- step by step, resources

Hey English 10,

Here is a step by step guide we’ve followed on the journey to crafting our own written memoir. Your memoir is due in class on Friday, November 14.

Last extra help session is Thursday, November 13! 12:05, r. 235.

Publishing Guidelines

Memoir: Process Checklist & Rubric (MS Word)

SAMPLE- published draft with 6 Word Memoir cover (PDF)

Proofreading resources:

Reference List: 600 Commonly Used Words (PDF)

Homonym Checklist: Picking the Right Word That Sounds A Lot Like Other Words (PDF)

Proofreading checklist (PDF- in case you need another copy)

Conferencing resources:

TAG Conference- Discussion Guide/Talking Points STAR Conference- talking points/discussion guide

Can’t wait- excited to read your published memoirs! :)

ENG11: Sparrow symbolism…

Ideas about sparrows as symbols in culture:




Something to think about before we read One Hundred Sparrows, by Thuong Vuong-Riddick.

ENG10: Due tomorrow, October 21- Original Poetry Project

Original Poetry Project- Creative Writing, Process rubrics (PDF)


Your published draft of your poem should have:

  • An enlarged title (double the font size as the main text of your poem- 24 pt recommended)
  • Indented, standard sized, single spaced easily readable font (no Comic Sans, Times!), 12 pt recommended
  • A visual anchor (find a photo that accentuates the message, concept of your poem)

Sample Published Draft – Where I’m From, Mr. Wozney (PDF)

ENG10: Publishing Walkthrough

Where I’m From

An homage to George Ella Lyon’s poem of the same title By Paul Wozney


I am from twisted pines and bleached stony forms

From fog horns blaring and buoys clanging in storms,

From everything but sports is stupid and gay

From climbing granite walls, covered in misty ocean spray.


I am from Baba’s homemade buns and perogies,

From Mom’s fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies,

From Grandma’s cherry, apple, blueberry pie,

From tables so full it brings tears to the eye.


I am from summer vacation on Cavendish tides

From Sandspit’s go-karts and five limitless rides,

From Avonlea Cottages’ small pool, glittering blue,

From relief from teen torment I suffered through.


I am from Oswald, helping people back on their feet

From Leo, providing groceries and money in ways discrete

From Bill, who responded to hate with endurance and grace,

From Cindy, who met challenge with courage, face to face.


I am from resentment, being outcast and shunned

But that’s not where I’ll end up when this is all done.

I am from one who turned into five

And because of them, is learning how to live, love and thrive.

ENG10: Writer’s Reflection, a listening activity- due Friday, October 17


As a follow up to our conference about the poem we intend to publish over the past two classes, here’s your first task to be entered in the speaking and listening category for the semester:

Where I’m From Poem, draft, by Paul Wozney (PDF)

Writer’s Reflection (outline, rubric) (PDF)

Writer’s reflection (teacher sample, B Block) (PDF)

Writer’s reflection (teacher sample, A Block) (PDF)

Looking forward to getting your reflections in class tomorrow!

ENG10: Drafting a “Where I’m From” poem

Here are notes from today’s class about how to plan/prepare for and draft a “Where I’m From” poem:

The original (there are audio and video versions to look at here- great resource!):

2014 10 13 – Planning, Drafting “Where I’m From” – lesson notes, sample poems (PDF)


ENG11: Guiding questions for Animal Farm, chapters 5-6


Hey they are.

Remember- next quiz on WEDNESDAY, October 1


Make sure you’re collecting annotated passages that help you identify and explore items on our Scavenger hunt list. These notes are the raw material for the essay we will start writing next week. No notes/annotations=scary pressure to read/annotate/think/write all in one step. Recipe for meh… type results, at best….

Use some of your time on Monday’s PD day to start if you haven’t.

Happy weekend, and Go Cheetahs (by that I mean all Cheetahs competing in games tonight and over the weekend).


ENG10: Signing into Moodle


Firstly, I have been asking you to register and complete a task in moodle for almost two weeks. During those two weeks, I have offered extra help four times. I provided time in class to set this up as well.

For those who are panicked about not being able to get into our online classroom in time for tomorrow’s deadline, I say this: Where have you been?

If you need help, you solve questions by coming in for extra help. It doesn’t mean spending your whole lunch hour, or sending me an email late at night. It does mean taking time to resolve issues before it’s too late- this is expected of you now. Fair warning moving forward, OK?

That said, here is my last how to/walkthrough/helping hand on getting set up with moodle:

1. You need your provincial student ID number- it’s 10 digits long, usually beginning with 3100 or 3000. You can find it on any of your junior high report cards, and on registration documents for CPA.

2. You need to sign up for a student webmail account at https://selfservice.nspes.ca/cgi-bin/account.pl


Your password MUST NOT include a whole, easy to recognize word (a name, anything that can be found in a dictionary). It MUST be at least 4 characters long with one capital, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character (like a punctuation mark).

TAKE A PICTURE of your userID before you leave this page, and write your password down somewhere safe.

3. Find the login page for your moodle on my website:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.29.28 PM

4. Enter your userID and password you set up earlier:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.52.34 PM

5. Enter the enrolment key I gave you during class (this is a password to get in. You will only need to enter it one time).

6. Complete the IRP: My September Novel Is… activity. Click the link, read the instructions and then add your entry by clicking the “add new discussion topic” button.

Good luck! Students who do not post this by the end of the school day tomorrow will see a zero for this item in powerschool. Thanks everyone- see you for Reading Day tomorrow!