GGS12: Sweatshops- A Portrait

Hey GGS12 C&D Block,

Here are the things we used to get started on our exploration of the topic of sweatshops… We watched a video entitled “Sweating for a T-Shirt”- if you missed it, you’ll need to see me at lunch to get it. It’s not available online…

A Worker Reads History (PDF)

Pre-viewing questions, guide (PDF)

Mickey Mouse Goes to Haiti (Part I)

Mickey Mouse Goes To Haiti (Part II)


GGS12: The Gaia Hypothesis

Hey GGS12,

Yesterday we discussed the most influential human system in operation on Earth- the materials economy.

Today, we contrast the inefficiencies and waste of an elaborate, global, human system with a concept of the Earth as a system. As a follow up to our notes, check this out:


GGS12: The Story of Stuff

Hey GGS12 C&D Block,

Today, as we further explore concepts of living on Earth (the past couple days we have looked at the Four Conditions for Life on earth, along with the four spheres that support life as we know it), we take a look at the dominant system humanity has created on this planet.

We divided responsibility for learning about the five aspects of the materials economy, and in groups put together posters and short presentations to educate others whose job it was to learn and communicate a different aspect than our own about the specifics of what happens at our particular phase of the process.

You can find the video we watched here:

See you in class tomorrow!

GGS12: Critical Response- Globalization- due Friday, February 28, 4pm!

Hey GGS12 C & D block,

Remember that your first critical response is due in your respective moodle/online classrooms (C block / D Block)this Friday, February 28 by 4 pm.

Looking forward to your group posters/presentations about how globalization is at work, and beneficial/detrimental in regards to the topics you’ve selected!



GGS12: Global Village recap for tomorrow…


Please be ready to debrief our lesson about the concept of the Global Village (remember, textbook reading pages 20-31)- be ready to share your responses to question 5 about the case study on page 31.

McLuhan Interview- guiding questions (PDF)

Happy Thursday- GO CANADA GO!

GGS12: Drop box for 6 Visual Concepts now live…

Hey GGS12 C and D block,

Your Visual Representation of the 6 Concepts of Geography is due today. Some of you opted to use digital tools to create yours, which is fine. I have posted a drop box in each class’s moodle so you can upload your assignment. Please do so in PDF format so we can avoid any issues with opening file types I may not have software to access.

C Block 6 Concepts Pass In Drop Box

D Block 6 Concepts Pass In Drop Box

See you in a bit!

GGS12: Map Quiz 1 this Thursday, where to find HOME…

Hey GGS12 C&D block,

Just a reminder that our first map quiz is coming up this Thursday. You can find the outline and practice map for this in your respective moodles (linked under current courses>GGS12 (S2) C&D).

For those that may have missed yesterday or today’s class, you can catch the documentary we’re watching here:

You can also find the viewing guide in your respective moodle. The major benefit of this film is that it touches on many of the themes we’ll explore in our course- resources, population, fundamental systems of the Earth, and it does so with spectacular cinematography…