#ENG10 Formal Essay 1- annotated sample draft


Here you go. Be ready with a four paragraph draft for class tomorrow where we’ll look at how we can catch errors and problems that spell and grammar check won’t before we print and pass in our final draft.

Formal Essay 1: Annotated Sample Draft (PDF)

Happy drafting!

Friendly reminder: extra help on Tuesday/Thursday at lunch in room 125.

Practice formatting

Download the following to practice making your essay spiffy according to MLA formatting standards:

Lopez y Fuentes, Gregorio. “A Letter From God.” Trans. Donald A. Yates. World Literature. Ed. L. Bascara. 2003 ed. Quezon City, Philippines: Rex Book Store, 2003. 96-106. Print.

Proofreading/Editing Resources

#ENG10 Formal Essay: Drafting Your Introduction (due Wednesday, May 13)

Hey English 10,

In preparing your first formal essay, you should have:

  1. A thoroughly annotated copy of the short story you selected to study on your own (annotated for Elements of Fiction, rules of notice, problematic vocabulary, figurative language- see your copy of The Treasure of Lemon Brown from our work together in class)
  2. A theme statement (see your notes about identifying theme!)
  3. A thesis (remember: 2 choices by the author that convey theme)

Now, you’re working to develop the introductory paragraph for your essay. Aim to have a working copy ready for tomorrow’s class so we can conference and troubleshoot. Need the notes/teacher sample? Gotcha:

Extra help? See you Thursday at lunch, room 125. Bring your food. :)

#ENG10 First publication: The Treasure of Lemon Brown (Boys’ Life Magazine)

Hey English 10,

Here’s a link to a site where you can read the original publication of The Treasure of Lemon Brown in Boys’ Life Magazine from 1983, complete with illustrations, ads, etc. :)


A reminder that you should be ready to share ideas about setting for this story gathered by annotating tomorrow in class. Good luck, and happy reading/annotating!

#CMT11 Last day of extra help to finish I Spy tomorrow!

Hey CMT11,

A friendly reminder that your I Spy projects were due last Wednesday. Our last chance deadline is this week on Thursday by the end of lunch. That makes the last extra help opportunity available to take photos tomorrow’s lunch hour. You will need to sign out an iPad to complete this. You can store your photos in ourcloud and complete the animoto video at home if need be. See me for the animoto promo code before you go tomorrow if you haven’t already set up your account, OK?

Thanks, and good luck!

#ENG Socio-Cultural Context Presentation- due Friday, April 17

Hey English 10,

The drop box for your presentation on the socio-cultural context of your March/April novel is now live in Moodle. You can find it here.

IMPORTANT: please do not submit entries in Keynote files. Moodle hates Keynote, and I will not be able to open your presentations. Please submit in powerpoint OR in PDF. Thanks!

Remember, I’ve posted a sample entry for you. If you need notes from our lesson, please see your friends, or me at extra help on Tuesday/Thursday in room 125 during lunch hour.

Good luck! Looking forward to your presentations.

#ENG10 Original Poetry Project: Create an MLA Cover Page- video tutorial

You already have the info about all the pieces you’re required to pass in tomorrow, and how to type and format your final draft- if you don’t remember, check here.

Good luck! Looking forward to your projects- can’t wait to read them. :)

#ENG10 Original Poetry Project: Sample Final Draft, due Thursday, April 9

Hi all,

Your original poetry projects are due at the beginning of class on Thursday, April 9. That means you have today and tomorrow to navigate typing, formatting and printing the final draft of the original poem you chose to submit. Let no technical issue derail you from finishing this in time for Thursday. If you leave it until the wee hours of Thursday morning to do so and discover some technical issue that existed for weeks, your project is still overdue if it’s not ready, and that can mean losing your exemption or your grade for the project altogether…

Friendly reminders:

Poetry Project Checklist:

Original Poetry Project Submission Checklist

Original Poetry Project Submission Checklist

Annotated Final Draft

Final Draft of Original Poem with annotations/instructions

Final Draft of Original Poem with annotations/instructions

Good luck putting together your package. Check back tomorrow for a sample MLA title page!


#ENG10 Developing your writer’s reflection- sample package

Hey English 10,

Yesterday, we worked on conferencing- meeting with partners to identify steps we could take to improve our ideas and enhance the poetic style. This is what a conference would look/sound like:

Please see the following for a sense of the process to developing your writer’s reflection for your original poetry project. We will be working on this today in class.

Friendly reminder that extra help is available tomorrow at lunch in room 125 for the final steps of your original poem!


Writer’s reflection- sample package, P. Wozney (PDF)