Christmas is celebrated in many different ways in many different countries.  Some of the differences are because people have different religious beliefs.  Some are a result of different cultural traditions.  Some are a combination of both.

In this project you and a small group of friends will explore how children in at least 3 countries, other than your own, celebrate Christmas. 

Imagine that you will have a child your age from each of these countries staying with you for a week over Christmas this year.  Plan how your family will celebrate Christmas, so the customs of all of these countries will be included. You and your friends will describe how to decorate your home, what foods you will eat, and tell what other customs you would follow.
Does Santa do the same things in each country?  Is he Santa Claus to all children?  When does he visit and what does he do in each country?
When you have finished, have some fun with the games on Santa Claus at

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