Cloud Chart

High Clouds: These clouds are composed of tiny ice crystals. Found at elevations of 20,000 to 40,000 feet.
Cirrus: thin, wispy, and feathery and are sometimes called "Mares' Tails" Sky blue - fair
Sky grayblue - Warm front
Cirrostratus:- thin and patchy, and are rarely seen. Fair weather
Cirrocumulus: - small, white flakes or globular masses that cause them to appear as ripples Fair weather
Middle Clouds: This family of clouds occurs from 6,000 to 20,000 feet above the earth, and they are either Stratus or Cumulus.
Allostratus:- dense veils or sheets of gray or blue. They look slightly striped. The sun looks as if it is being seen through frosted glass. Warm front.
Altocumulus:- patches or layers of puffy or roll-like clouds--gray-whitish. Possible weather change
Low Clouds: This family ranges from near the earth to 6,500 feet in height.
Stratus:- low and like fog. Only a tiny drizzle can fall from these clouds. Fine drizzles
Nimbostratus:- true rain clouds. They have a wet look and often there are streaks of rain extending to the ground. Rain
Stratocumulus:- Odd shaped masses spreading out in a rolling or puffy layer. Gray with darker shadings. Won't produce rain
Towering Clouds: These clouds form at almost any altitude.
Cumulo-nimbus - are the thunderheads "Thunderstorm cloud"
Cumulus - puffy and cauliflowerlike. The shapes constantly change. Fair weather cloud