Division 2 Girls Volleyball League Rules:


Teams will be playing a single round robin season. The top 4 teams will move on to playoffs and compete for the Metro High School Tier 2 banner.  Grade 12 students are permitted to play in the playoffs.


All matches will be the best 3 of 5 games.  If the 5th game is necessary, it will go to 15 pts.


Please provide the Mikasa ball for your home games.


The winning team is responsible for emailing (susan.beazley@gmail.com) the game scores to the coordinator within 24 hours, please include the set scores as well as overall match score.


If a game needs to be cancelled for a legitimate reason, the coach of the school initiating the change is responsible for contacting the other team and rescheduling the game, contacting the ref assigner to inform them of the cancellation and the new date, and for informing the coordinator of the change.


Assigner: Robby MacLeod


902 830-5076


Cost of officials is $50 for each regular season game (one official).  This cost is to be covered by the home team and schools will be billed directly for these games with a 10% assignor fee.  Your school will receive this invoice in the next 7-10 days.


Semi-finals and finals games will have 2 officials and the cost will be $40 each team; participating teams will need to pay officials onsite for these games.



Good luck!  If you have any issues, please contact me (contact info is above is contacts).


Susan Beazley