Welcome to the 2015-2016 season.  Please note the following:


1. All matches will begin at 6:00pm. Except for Auburn Drive, Sackville and Cole Harbour start 4:30. Lockview’s home games on Thursday start at 8pm.


2. The winning school calls the media and also calls/text in the results (Include set scores) to  my cell 902- 237-3391.


3. The winning teams keep all game sheets.  Ties in the standings will be broken

    following CVA rulebook with the exception that points ratio will be used before ratio

    of all games won-lost in the season.


4. The host school pays the officials' bill for the match. The host will be billed monthly from VNSO.  The fee is $40 each for 2 officials and $50 for one.


6. If you need to cancel or reschedule a match, you must contact your AD first for approval. Then your AD will contact the league coordinator.

    If refs show up at your gym, you are responsible to pay them. 


7. If there are any mistakes or conflicts in the schedule, please let me know immediately.   


8. Here are the relevant phone numbers:


                        League coordinator – Trevor Doyle - 902-237-3391

902-864-6700 ext. 7851016



Assignor –       Robbie MacLeod           902-830-5076




                        Herald Sports -                                    902-426-2812