Division 2/3/4/JV  Senior Girls Soccer 2015


One division: 8 teams Round robin. Top team wins the league.

Citadel, Carrefour, CPA, Sommet, HGS, Sacred Heart, Eastern Shore, Dartmouth                             

Games at Carrefour will not be cancelled due to rain.



Monday September 14  Dartmouth High vs Sacred Heart  Westmount

                                      HGS vs Sommet                      Ravenscraig

                                      Citadel vs Carrefour                Carrefour


Tuesday September 15  ES vs HGS                              Westmount

                                      Dartmouth vs CPA                           Ravenscraig


Thursday September 17 ES vs Sacred Heart                 Ravenscraig


Monday September 21  ES vs CPA                              Eastern Shore

                                      Carrefour vs Sacred Heart       Carrefour

                                       Citadel vs HGS                       Westmount

                                      Dartmouth vs Sommet            Ravenscraig


Tuesday September 22  Sommet vs Carrefour              Carrefour

                                      Sacred Heart vs Citadel           Westmount


Thursday September 24   Sommet vs CPA                             Ravenscraig

                                      Carrefour vs Dartmouth                   Carrefour


Monday September 28  Sacred Heart vs HGS              Westmount

                                      CPA vs Citadel                        Ravenscraig


Wednesday September 30    Sommet vs ES                            Ravenscraig


Monday October 5                  ES vs Citadel                           Westmount

                                      Sommet vs Dartmouth            Ravenscraig

                                      HGS vs Carrefour                             Carrefour


Tuesday October 6        Sacred Heart vs Sommet                   Ravenscraig

                                      Dartmouth Vs Citadel             Westmount

                                      ES vs Carrefour                      Carrefour


Thursday October 8       Sacred Heart vs CPA              Westmount

                                      Dartmouth vs HGS                 Ravenscraig




Wednesday October 14  Citadel vs Sommet                            Westmount

                                      CPA vs HGS                           Ravenscraig


Thursday October 15     Carrefour vs CPA                             Carrefour