Metro High School Soccer League 2015 Boys Schedule


 League Format:

          .         Format is an 6-team league playing a one division round robin schedule. Teams Armbrae Academy, Fountain Academy, Carrefour, Eastern Shore,  Sommet, , CPA


          3points for a win and 1 point for a tie. At the end of round robin play, top team will be our winner.


In case of a tie after Round robin:

          1.       Head to Head (games between tied teams)

          2.       Goal differential (During round robin play – only a max. of 5                             goals for will be recorded)

          3.       Goals against

          4.       Goals for

          5.       Cards (teams with the least amount of cards moves on)

          6.       Top two teams is the Division 2 play off for Champion

          7.       The cost of officials for all games will be split,  fees $150.00 made out to Metro High School Association and sent to Susan Beazley


1400 Oxford St.

Halifax NS

B3H 3Y8                                                   

          8.       Game time is 4:30 pm or 4:00 pm



Responsibilities of home team: First name on the sheet


          1.       Provide the game sheet

          2.       Provide two quality game balls


Responsibilities of winning team:

          •        In case of a tie the home team takes on this responsibility.

E-mail game results to the league statistician the NIGHT OF YOUR GAME!!!! Make sure you include the goalie shutouts                      and who scored for both teams. Also include any cards indicated on the game sheet.


Susan Beazley:  E-mail


.         Contact the media and forward the game results. It is important to get the information to the media.


Responsibilities of the Away Team:

          •        In case of conflicting shirt colors; the away team will change or wear pennies. Make sure you have a set of 11 of the same color.



Rescheduling games

          •        If it is absolutely necessary for a game to be rescheduled the team cancelling the game must get the approval of the opponent             coach, and establish an agreeable time to play the game.

          •        The team cancelling the game is responsible for: immediatelycontacting the coordinator about the schedule change, and               to rescheduling the new booking, canceling the referees and rescheduling referees for the new game. If a game is not                                 completed the team that initiated the cancellation shall forfeit the game, the game will be recorded as a 3 – 0 win for the opponent. In the event a team does not show up to a game the same will take place. If a game is cancelled the day of the referee’s still must be paid.



Coordinator:                                                        Ref Assigner:


Susan Beazley                                            Mike Spurr

Armbrae Academy                                              

423-7920 ext 229                                       220-5645 ( cell)                

Fax: 423-8139