The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday, September 12th 2011.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School


Scott Pellerine


Steve Wilcox


Peter Moore




Dave Hubley  


Cheryl Keilbrawtowski


Annette Sherlock


Tim Halman


David Algee

JL Ilsley

Trevor Doyle


Craig Campbell


Roy Snook


Tim McGarrigle




Natalie MacDonald


Donna Duggan 


Colin Bush


Sue Beazley


Kim Fralick

Eastern Shore

Brad Murin







The meeting opened at 7:12 p.m. and was chaired by Donna Duggan.




All members were introduced.



3.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – June, 2011.

     Moved: Trevor Doyle         

Seconded:  Susan Beazley




a.     The treasurer, Donna Duggan, reported the following financial

      Shares         $  360.37

      Plan 24       $     20.23

      Checking     $   12657.24

      Equity         $     10.00



b.     Membership fees were collected.  Please send you Fees to D Duggan at Halifax West. $300 for major sport schools and $200 for minor. Make cheque out to Metro High School Athletic Association.  


     Receipts will be issued at the next meeting.




None at this time





A collaborative coach education session for Keeping the School in School Sport program will be organized by metro, a date will be sent out soon by Trevor Doyle.





     Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

·        Items for the Fall Workshop were mentioned.

·        New Rules changes were outlined.

·        Championships for 2010-2011 in Capital were noted and can be found on the NSSAF web site.

·        Declaration dates for Soccer are due Sept. 16, Volleyball Oct.14

·        Sanctions forms are to be completed if teams are competing with any school outside of the province and due 7 days prior to competition. And three months for any team competing outside the country.

·        Deadlines were set for appeals on transfers ( Sept 30 for fall sports, Dec. 1 for winter sports and March 31 for spring sports)

·        Soccer Cards information was discussed and suspensions carry over when teams move from district to regionals and to provincials but the accumulation of cards does not.

·        Teams are permitted to drop out of a qualifier or regional championship as long as the administration notifies the regional director prior to 8am the day after the school advances.

·        If JV athletes are 





a. Boy’s Soccer: Halifax West: Roy Snook/George Iatrou

Roy Snook gave a verbal Report on Boys and Girls Soccer

All coaches should have information sheet

Please pay league fees before first game. ($500/team)

Coaches are to work together to change games that have to be rescheduled, if a decision can not be made the coordinator will have final say on location and time. 

NTC players are not permitted by the NTC to play high school soccer


b. Boys B Soccer: Armbrae: Susan Beazley

Sue Beazley gave a verbal report.

Pleas bring a second set of jerseys or pinnies in case uniforms are simular.

Info will be sent out to schools.



c. Girl’s Soccer A: SJA: Scott Pellerine

     (Please see Boys Soccer A)



d. Girl’s Soccer B: Armbrae: Sue Beazley

Sue Beazley gave a verbal report.

Teams will split the cost of referees.

Info will be posted on the Metro web site and sent to schools.



e. Boy’s Volleyball: Citadel: Trevor Doyle

Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

Info will be sent out via e-mail.



f.             Girl’s Volleyball: CPA Dave Hubley:

Dave Hubley gave a verbal report on Girls Volleyball.

  Info will be sent by e-mail.

  Coaches meeting will be at CPA on Sept 15th at 7pm.



g. Girl’s B Volleyball: Sacred Heart: Annette Sherlock

Annette Sherlock gave a verbal report.

Information will be sent out via e-mail.



h. Cross Country Metro: Citadel: Steve Harris

Steve gave a verbal report.

Information was sent via e-mail on all of the competitions.  Any schools able to help out please contact Steve Harris



i. Golf: Grammar: Tim McGarrigle/Mike Peterson

Tim McGarrigle gave a verbal report.

Make sure your team pre registers including handicaps and names by Sept. 15th.

The Regional Tournament and Provincial information was sent to schools by e-mail



j. Boy’s Baseball: CPA: Dave Hubley

Dave Hubley gave a verbal report.

A new schedule will be sent out soon by e-mail.



k. Boy’s Basketball (A): Prince Andrew:

      Tim Halman gave a verbal report.  Moe information to follow, the   coaches meeting will take place in early October.



l. Boy’s Basketball (B): Fountain: Peter Moores

Information will be sent out via e-mail.



m. Girl’s Basketball (A): Dartmouth: Brad Murin

  Brad gave a verbal report, Mike Bell retired and Brad will be coordination this year. Information will be sent out via e-mail.



n. Girl’s Basketball (B): Sacred Heart: Annette Sherlock

    Annette gave a verbal report, more information to come via e-mail.



o. Boy’s Hockey: Auburn: Fran Hubley

Nothing at this time.



p. Girl’s Hockey: JLI: Dave Algee

Dave Algee gave a verbal report.

Coaches meeting September 13 at JLI 6:30 pm.





·        Steve Harris led a discussion regarding the transfer rule and informing football coaches of the regulations.

·        Donna Duggan led a discussion on the importance of increasing the number of locker rooms at the newly constructed facility at mainland commons.  She urged school to write letters in support of more locker rooms.  Information was sent out via-email on this.

·        A discussion of adopting goal line websites took place regarding metro using goal line for their web page.




Meeting Adjourned at 8:48pm

Moved: Roy Snook

Seconded:  Tim McGarrigle





Next meeting will be Monday October 19th, 2011.          

Location:  Halifax West

Meeting Dates: Oct 24, Nov.28, Jan 23, Feb 27, Mar 26, April 30, June TBA


If you have something you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan (457-8900/5601264) or Craig Campbell (464-5220/7601020) one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Craig Campbell