The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday October 26th 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West



Jason Scott


Scott Pellerine


Amanda LeBlanc


Anton Berry


Jill Jeffrey


Susan Beazley


David Algee


Jodi Joudrey


Adam White


Donna Duggan


Annette Sherlock


Bob Mayo


Shane Joseph










Sends regrets: 


Craig Janc


Steve Wilcox


Erica Ens


Jordan Murphy


Guy Fortin


Jordan Lewis


Sean Kent


Mike Smeltzer


Jean Francois Valade








The meeting opened at    7:06 p.m.



Introductions were made and the meeting was chaired by Sue Beazley.






3.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES for September, 2015


Moved:                      Shane J.         

Seconded:               Donna D.





The Chair, Susan Beazley reported the following financial information:


                    Shares: $ 20.38

                         Plan 24: $ 20.38

                        Cheque: $ 28 397.87











Donna Duggan gave a verbal report, thanks to all people who have organized a sport this fall. All volleyball provincials are outside our region. Make sure coaches are doing the KSISS and are updated on line. NSSAF does provide quite a few awards so remember to look at them and submit for people at your school. Make sure you are going through student eligibility. Fees in your sport that you are coordinating should include sub fees. These fees are not provided by Metro, we can help out if needed, but it should be included in fees needed to play in our leagues. Donna reported all the basketball provincials that capital is responsible for this year.





Boys Hockey - HW: Mike Smeltzer/Frank Hubley

All fine. Reported by Donna Duggan


Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee

A few issues about lack of numbers for skaters on your teams. Coaches need to understand the eligibility rules, we are not allowed to combine players from different schools. If your team does not have enough for a team you cannot have a team. I would like to implement a mandatory number for how many players you will need to have in order to have a team.




That the Metro High School Athletic Association adopt the NSSAF Girls Hockey rule which has a minimum of 10 players and one goalkeeper rule as per regulation 25.11.


Moved by Shane J.

Seconded by Scott P.


Wrestling- Lock: Steve Wilcox

Steve will send information out before Christmas


Baseball -PA:  Bob Mayo/Louis Aube

A few changes were made this year in the league it all went well and it seems to be growing. This was the first year we had an All Star game and it went very well. Louis Aube did a great job of running the leagues.


Boys Soccer – SJA: Scott Pellerine

All went well, congratulations to Halifax West for winning the Metro and Regional Tier 1 Banner, and to Auburn for winning the Metro Tier 2 banner. At least one team will be moved from Tier 1 and one will come up from Tier 2 for the 2016 season. All-star t-shirts will be ready for our next AD meeting. If you have any requests for your school for division of play please let me know before the next meeting.


Girls Soccer – HW: Mike Smeltzer/Roy Snook

Everything went well, reported by Donna Duggan


Boys B Soccer – ARM: Sue Beazley

All went well. Teams that still owe fees are CPA, FOUNT, ES, and SOMM. SOMM for the girls.


Girls B Soccer – ARM: Sue Beazley

All went well.


Cross Country – CPA: Jodie Joudrey

Only one mix up with one athlete and bib number. It was fixed. All went well.


Golf – GRAM:  Shane Joseph

The biggest problem was the pace of play, and the high handicaps. Penn Hill’s is not sure if they want to host again because of how long the course was tied up. A few options to help with this would be, one all players would need to have a real handicap though CPGA. Second would be a shot maximum per hole, and third would be to tier the regionals where players who shoot above 120 would play in a different event with Golf Nova Scotia going along to help out.




Metro High School Athletic Association is putting forward a motion to change the golf scoring system for the Metro/Regional round to a double par scoring system. (for example on a par four the maximum amount of shots you could take is eight, and then you have to pick up your ball and move on to the next hole).


Moved: Shane J

Seconded: Jill J


Boys Volleyball – SHS: Jill Jeffery/Trevor Doyle

All going well. Reported by Jill Jeffery


Girls Volleyball – SHS: Jill Jeffery

PA is hosting the All-Star game, it should be a girls and guys game. It will happen one week after the provincials. Meaningful games are going well.


Girls B Volleyball – ARM:  Sue Beazley

All going well.


Boys Basketball – DHS: Anton Berry

Schedule is made, we have 12 teams and MHS will go to the division two tournament at the end of the season. The league is not tiered. We are looking for someone to host the All-Star game.


Girls Basketball – GRAM:  Shane Joseph/Laurie Girdwood

Going well. All seems to be ready to get up and running


Boys J.V. Basketball – Paul Wozney CPA and Graham Carter SOMM

Meeting is tomorrow at CPA at 6 p.m. Reported by Jodi Joudrey


Girls J.V Basketball – SH: Anette Sherlock

Schedule was sent out, we have 12 teams and this league is tiered.


9. New Business


Jill brought up a few road blocks with the new trip form B. SHS have had a few sent back. We feel there is a quite a disconnect between these forms and what can be done in the time frame the HRSB is mandating we do for each trip that our teams take. I am wondering if all other schools are feeling this pressure, and how hard it is to get all things done for these forms.



Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Moved:  Anton B.

Seconded:   Bob M.


Next meeting will be Nov 30th at Halifax West 7 p.m.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Sue Beazley or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine